Pupils of the Week 13.11.2020

13th November 2020

Pupils of the Week Friday 13th November 2020


As it is World Kindness Day today, I have chosen Daisy, Ethan and Grace as our Learners of the Week for showing kindness in their words and actions towards others.

1 BM

Isabella- Thank you to Isabella for her joyfulness. Isabella is always full of joy and brings happiness and fun to our class, thank you for making us smile.

Gracie- Thank you to Gracie for showing great enthusiasm. Gracie's enthusiastic attitude to learning is helping her to tackle the tasks she is given in a positive way, helping her to achieve her best. Well done Gracie!

2 HE 

Alfie - for the virtue of diligence. Alfie is always doing the right thing at the right time and can be relied upon to be listening to instructions and working hard. He is such a valued member of the class and is so helpful. 


Mollie - for the virtue of enthusiasm. Mollie loves to read and is always so enthusiastic when she does. She is very fluent and is making great progress with her phonics and her understanding. 


2 NE

Stanley is learner of the week for the determination he has shown in learning how to join up his writing and decrease the size of the letters. Well done Stanley, keep trying hard! 

Thomas C is learner of the week for his resilience in maths. He hasn’t given up and has kept on trying! Well done Thomas.


3 SG

Leila - has been working hard with her presentation. She has persevered with this and taken on the advice which we have given her to take her handwriting to the next level. It's great to see the results this week during literacy. Keep this up Leila. 

Josh - works exceptionally hard in all lessons, listens to a high standard and always has exceptional manners. Josh you are an absolute pleasure to have in the Wise Owls. This week our class have been working on perseverance and Josh certainly showed this in his character description. 

Megan - Wow Megan you have had a fantastic week this week! We have seen you become so focused, ready to learn and engrossed in your learning. Perseverance has been used during your maths whilst learning to use a new method. Fantastic job Megan!


4 SC

Special Mentions for:

Olivia, Layla, Issy, Evie & Saffron - it has been lovely to see all these girls growing in confidence over the past few weeks and putting their hands up so much more in class.  It's always really great to hear their ideas.