Pupil of the Week 3rd May 2021

1st May 2021

Pupils of the Week 4th May 2021




William for the virtues of enthusiasm and perseverance. William has impressed us this week with how keen he has been to do his reading. He has been trying really hard and has been really eager to finish books. Keep up the hard work!


Elowen R for the virtues of readiness and responsibility. Elowen is always ready to learn and tries her best. She sets a good example to her peers and we are always proud of the effort she puts in across the curriculum. Well done!



We have chosen Alba and Elsie for showing great purposefulness in all that they do.

1 BM

Evie - Commitment- Thank you to Evie for the effort she is putting into her learning. Evie is taking part in class discussions enthusiastically and this is having such a positive impact on her independent work. We are very proud of you Evie, well done!

Sennen- Enthusiasm- We are very impressed with Sennen's increasing confidence when explaining her understanding and ideas. Sennen has wowed us with some super mathematical explanation of different calculation strategies. Well done Sennen , we are very proud of you.


2 HE

Bella - for her confidence in Maths since coming back after Easter. We have been learning about division and Bella is very confident with the grouping method., She seems to be really enjoying our Maths sessions and is growing in confidence. 


Jack P - for perseverance. Jack does find some of the Year 2 learning a little but tricky, but this week I have massively seen him grown in his determination and perseverance. He was an expert in PE last week and is doing so well with our topic learning. Keep it up Jack. 


2 NE

Millie is learner of the week for her joyfulness and enthusiasm in every task she does. She starts every day with a joyful smile, and this continues throughout the day, even if activities are hard. Thank you Millie, you certainly help to make our classroom a wonderful place to be.


Archie is learner of the week for his hard work and diligence in Maths. Every question I ask, Archie has had his hand high in the air, desperate to answer. His confidence has increased and it's lovely to see. Well done Archie, keep it up!



3 KD

Aiva - Aiva was chosen this week for her amazing creativity during our literacy sessions.  This week we pretended to become characters from our story, Jack and the Beanstalk.  Aiva chose to be the giant and took on the role with great enthusiasm.  The children asked her questions, and Aiva was able to link our story with other fairy tales, and answered everything very articulately.  I can't wait to read her imaginative story later this term.


Amelia - Amelia has really impressed us with her hard work recently.  We have seen huge improvements in her confidence and this in turn is resulting in some amazing progress across all areas of the curriculum.  Keep it up Amelia, we are really proud of how far you have come during this rocky year.




Sam - occurred an awful injury last week but Sam has come back into school being very resilient, persevering and keener than ever to learn. You really wouldn't think Sam is suffering. I am so proud of you Sam and admire your hard-working attitude which is shown each day. There is great determination being used and nothing is going to get in your way! 


Alby - trying hard with your writing this week and trying hard to be resilient when given a task to carry out in literacy. Keep this up Alby!