Pupil of the Week 29th March 2021

29th March 2021

Pupil of the Week 29th March 2021


1 BM

Charlie – for making the right decisions and having a fab week. Well done Charlie!



Jack - for his enthusiasm and confidence. Jack has been working in Miss Richards' phonics group since coming back to school. It is great to see him growing in confidence in this group. 

Elsie - for her orderliness, patience and care. Elsie has been working so hard on writing her non-fiction book about giraffes. She takes so much time and care over her work and it looks absolutely beautiful. The front cover is very eye catching and I certainly want to pick it up and read it. well done Elsie. 

2 NE

Chloe for her diligence in literacy and maths. She challenges herself to do greater depth questions and is working so hard on her handwriting. Well done Chloe, keep it up.

Nellie for her determination and enthusiasm. She is so enthusiastic with her learning, always approaches every task with a smile and the determination to do her very best. Thank you Nellie, well done



Arthur - Working really hard in his Maths assessment last week and showing how fantastic his Maths skills are. Keep this up Arthur!

Jessica - Last week Jessica chose to be really positive with her Maths assessments this week and chose to use positive thoughts whilst answering the questions. This was brilliant to Jessica and we want to continue seeing this happen.  You can do it!

Matilda - Whilst being at home during lockdown Matilda worked extremely hard whilst being independent and we have seen this continue during the time we have been back in school. Matilda I am very proud of you. 

Florence- Wow! Your confidence has really grown during lockdown and continued since we have been back in school as the whole class. It is such a privilege in seeing you grow as a person and see you taking yourself out of your comfort zone. You hand is going up in class and you are really challenging yourself. Florence you are going to go far. Keep believing in yourself!