Pupil of the Week 27.11.2020

1st November 2020

Pupils of Pupils 27th November 2020



Our Learners of the Week are Guy and Millie E for their super creativity. The children enjoyed a Christmas craft afternoon yesterday and both produced some lovely creations.


1 BM


Thank you to George for always putting so much effort into his learning and showing great determination. George can always be relied on to complete the tasks he has been given and often chooses to extra. Well done George!


Special mention to Harry

Thank you to Harry for always being so joyful. Harry always has a smile and is so polite. Thank you for being a super Seahorse Harry, well done!



Grace - for her creativity this week when making our tree decorations. Grace was very careful and chose appropriate additions to make it look very sparkly. 


Amy - for her confidence in Maths this week. Amy has worked so hard to develop her skills of adding two two-digit numbers. She has had some help from the adults at times, but I can see her confidence has grown and she is able to tackle these calculations a bit more easily. 


Rio- for his confidence and reliability. Rio is just such an amazing member of The Dragonflies' class. I have been so impressed this week with Rio's maturity. 


2 NE

Sam S is learner of the week for his determination in Maths. He has really tried to maintain his focus and work at a quicker speed. Well done Sam, keep it up!


Allana is learner of the week for her diligence. Allana has listened to feedback in order to improve her handwriting, which is now beautifully joined up and the perfect size. Well done Allana!



Eurwyn  - is working in class to challenge himself and has worked extremely hard this week on his presentation. Keep persevering with this Eurwyn the hard work is paying off. 


Sam - for taking on advice and trying extremely hard to take on the advice from Mrs G with his editing skills. It is great to see you are trying to take your work to the next level and wanting to keep improving yourself. This is brilliant to see. 


4 SC


Sienna - for always trying hard and being focused in lessons.  She always has her hand up and makes thoughtful contributions to our discussions.  Sienna is also a great person to have in a team activity, as she cooperates well and listens to other children's ideas.

Evie - for excellent effort and enthusiasm for her learning. Evie has worked hard this week and shown such a positive approach in class.


Special Mentions:

Max, Rory, Isaac, Ollie T & Toby - for a superb team effort in creating a group robot dance together and performing it in front of the class.  Excellent work boys!



Jen - For always working to the best of her ability, and always with a huge smile on her face.

Alanna - For showing the confidence to share her super ideas with the class and offering some great mathematical explanations.