Pupil of the Week 26th April 2021

26th April 2021

Pupil of the Week 26th April 2021



Riley for creativity and perseverance. Riley amazed us this week with his creative approach to using our new stacking robots. He worked really carefully, trying new ways whenever his tower fell over and never giving up. Well done Riley!


Marla-Rose for enthusiasm and aspiration. Marla has a new carpet space this week and we have been very impressed with her focus and the effort she is putting into her learning. Marla approaches all activities with enthusiasm and always tries her best. Keep it up!



We have chosen Ben and Luke as they have had a super return to school and show such enthusiasm for everything they do.  They are kind, polite and thoughtful - we are very proud of them.


1 BM

Nico- enthusiasm- Super contributions during guided reading and guided writing. We were very impressed with Nico’s ability to use the new vocabulary we had explored in our story book. He was able to improve several sentences during a shared writing session. Well done! 


Maksim & Arthur- Positivity 

Thank you to both boys for their positivity. They joined our class last week and have settled in very well. We really look forward to sharing our time with them for the rest of the term. Well done to you both! 



The whole of The Dragonflies' class is having Learner of the Week this week. They have come back after Easter so mature and focused for their learning. I think we have had the best week that we have ever had, and it is a pleasure to be in their company and to watch them grow. They have thoroughly enjoyed the start of our topic and I cannot wait for what else is to come. WELL DONE GUYS!! 


2 NE

Elexa Mai and Finnley are learners of the week for their diligence in Maths. They have both worked so hard all week to learn division and have been so proud of their achievements. So am I!


Sumaiya is also learner of the week for her developing confidence. This week in Literacy we learnt a poem about the great fire of London. Sumaiya was confident in re-telling it to her friends. Well done Sumaiya, keep working hard.


2 KD


Theo - Theo had a brilliant week, joining in with all tasks enthusiastically and completing every challenge set.  He worked so hard, and we are really proud of him.


Matthew and Ash - Both boys were chosen for their consistent positive behaviour and attitude in class.  They can always be relied upon to be listening, engaging, and trying their hardest at all our activities.  They are great role models for the class.


Jack D - Jack is always so keen and enthusiastic towards all our learning, and his positivity shines bright.  He has a wonderful ability to see the positive outlook when things get challenging, and his wonderful sense of humour makes us smile each day.  Thank you for always being so optimistic and cheerful.





Noel: for being so engaged with his learning in Literacy. Noel was so passionate, keen and eager to find out and do more this week. It was a delight to Noel sharing his passion with others in the class. 


Josh: Working extremely hard since being back after Easter. Josh we are so impressed in how involved you are with discussions, especially guided reading sessions. You are completing work of a higher standard and completing work at a good pace. Mrs G is so proud. Keep this going Josh!


George: It has been lovely to see George into class each day with a smile and having great conversations with myself.  I am very proud how you have dealt with a little bit of a tricky couple of weeks. George has certainly demonstrated resilience and perseverance. 



Summer and William - For excellent listening and note taking in our R.E. lesson on Humanism - well done.