Pupil of the Week 25.09.2020

25th September 2020

Learner of the Week 25th September 2020





Elowen, Jessa and Ellis who have all shown great commitment to their learning this week.  They have approached all activities with diligence and thoughtfulness and are really making the most of every opportunity on offer to them in the classroom.  We are very proud of them.




Freya for her confidence when coming into school in the morning. Freya is working really hard to come into the classroom each morning without being upset and is now confident to do this. She is also taking on the role of register monitor really sensibly. 


Arthur V for his developing confidence this week. He is settling into school so well, he is always happy and is now trying to put his hand up more in the lessons. I am so proud of what he has achieved so far. 



Sidnie- Thank you to Sidnie for always being ready to learn. She showed great commitment when completing a writing task. Sidnie carefully segmented her words and checked that she had used capital letters and full stops, well done!


Leyton- Firstly, we would like to thank Letyon for being a kind and thoughtful friend to others; he has helped to make people feel happy. Secondly, Leyton showed great determination when completing his writing task, he concentrated for a long time and was delighted with his effort. Well done!


Special mention to Eva- Congratulations to Eva this week for completing her wonderful stamp chart, you have earned lots of stamps for your super effort. Well done!




Thomas S is learner of the week for showing a great deal of determination this week. He always wants to do his best and is giving 100% commitment to his learning. Well done Thomas, keep it up!


Archie is learner of the week for the courage and confidence he has displayed this week in settling into a new school. Well done Archie.


Allana and Sydney are also our learners of the week for showing respect to all the children and adults in Butterflies class. They are always respectful and never forget their manners. Thank you Allana and Sydney.




Ellyott - On Monday, the whole class took part in a cross country race.  Ellyott was absolutely brilliant during this race, he showed so much perseverence and courage to keep going and we are so proud of him for making it all the way around with a smile on his face.  Well done Ellyott.


Aiva - Aiva is a very mature girl who can be relied upon to always be doing the right thing, at the right time.  She is a great role model for the other children.


Theo - Theo has show lots of bravery this term.  Not only has he joined our class this year (and settled in amazingly) but he has also faced a dental operation this week and coped extremely well.  Well done Theo. 




Lily - is working very hard in class to follow class rules, challenge herself and being kind to herself when learning becomes challenging. Keep believing in yourself Lily.


George- is a hard working member of the class who participates well in class discussion, listens to others and follows class rules exceptionally well. 




Louis and Jude for fantastic contributions during lesson discussions.