Pupil of the Week 24th May 2021

1st May 2021

Pupil of the Week 24th May 2021




Isaac for showing diligence this week. Isaac managed to reach the top of our behaviour chart this week – and even went beyond it! He has been showing enthusiasm for all of his learning and trying to be ready to learn straight away. We are really proud of your efforts Isaac – keep it up!


Grace for practising the virtue of enthusiasm. Grace is always keen to share her knowledge and ideas with the class. She loves to find out new things and experiment with new ways of doing things. Well done for a fantastic attitude to learning.


Oliver for practising the virtue of readiness. Oliver has been trying really hard to ensure he has everything ready to learn – including his glasses! He has been much more independent at getting himself completely ready for his learning or transition times, and has been joining in fantastically with the classes’ learning activities. Keep up the wonderful focus!





Our Learners of the Week for next week will be Eryn and Millie E for always showing the virtue of friendliness in everything that they do.



2 HE

Georgina - for her enthusiasm for learning and being such a hard worker. Georgina always tries her absolute best and does so with a smile on her face. On Friday, she completed a set of questions for a Literacy assessment which was quite tricky, afterwards she came bounding into the classroom with such a happy face. I am proud of how she handles everything that we throw at her in Year 2. 


Arthur V - for his confidence in phonics and writing recently. Arthur has been working so hard in Miss Richards' phonics group and is beginning to make such amazing connections. I can see this progress coming through in his writing and he is not so afraid to have a try. Well done Arthur. 


2 NE


Ryan-Junior is learner of the week for his determination to succeed in his Maths, Literacy and Phonics. Well done Ryan-Junior, you're amazing, keep it up! 


Sydney is also learner of the week for his hard work in Maths. He has been challenging himself to reason and problem solve questions based on time. Well done Sydney, you're a superstar!



4 SC

Theo, Johan & Florence for showing great courage and determination in tackling the rather scary looking climbing walls at BF Adventure, despite feeling quite worried about it.  We were so impressed with how well you did!


Special Mention for Isaac, who was disappointed to not be able to take part in all the activities because of his broken foot, but nevertheless joined in as much as he could with the canoeing and team challenge and supported his classmates with the climbing.