Pupil of the Week 22nd March 2021

22nd March 2021

Pupil of the Week 22nd March 2021




Jasper - for his dedication in his handwriting. Jasper is transferring all the skills that he learns in our handwriting sessions across into all his work. He is working so hard on his joins and his presentation is fabulous. Keep it up. 

Arthur H - for showing such enthusiasm for our animals' topic. Arthur loves animals and nature and is so interested in the world around him. I loved listening to him telling the class all about his tortoise on Friday, I am so pleased he is enjoying this topic. 


Mariella for her diligence in Literacy last week. She is creating a non-fiction book about rabbits that is incredibly detailed and thorough. Well done Mariella.

Elexa-Mai for her determination in Maths last week. She worked so hard to understand multiplication. Well done Elexa-Mai.



Zander:  Zander is astounding us with his new found confidence and ability in reading. He is flying through the book bands all of a sudden and really enjoying reading time too.  It has also been fantastic to see this confidence also improving his writing and maths work too. A big well done.


Anna: we couldn't over look the amazing work Anna produced during lockdown. Every single piece was handed in to such a high standard and this has continued in school too. Her effort is always outstanding and this is reflected in her work in class too. Well done Anna, you are such a great role model for the class.


Olivia: This week we have challenged Olivia to complete extra activities and tasks in school. She has faced these with lots of determination and perseverance, and we are really proud of her.  Great work Olivia, well done.



Imogen - Has really taken on a challenge this week with her writing. Every challenge we gave her to improve her writing was taken on with real maturity and then was keen to continue developing her writing to the highest standard she could possibly achieve. This is a fantastic attitude to have Imogen.

Robyn - since coming back into school you have been so focused on your learning and really settled. It is very pleasing to see. You are also trying really hard with your presentation. Keep this up Robyn. Mrs G is very proud of you! 

Jasmine - shining with her confidence this week with her learning and seeing her hand going up a little more in class. Keep shining Jasmine and show us what you have got to give with regards to your learning. 



Faye - for maturity.  Well done for approaching all of your studies to the best of your ability. Well done.

Evie - for perseverance.  You have tried so hard with all of your work this week, well done.