Pupil of the Week 17th May 2021

1st May 2021

Pupil of the Week 17th May 2021



Our Learners of the Week for next week will be Albie and Henry, for their determination to complete their work.  The boys both worked very hard on writing a set of instructions for how to grow a sunflower and we are very proud of them.


2 HE

Nura and Ben - both wonderful children have been chosen for their commitment to their writing this week. We have been learning about writing diaries and both Nura and Ben wowed us with their Samuel Pepys diary about the Great Fire of London. Ben has made outstanding progress with his handwriting throughout the year. Nura has made such amazing progress with her spelling and phonics. Well done to you both. 


2 NE

Butterflies learners of the week are...the whole class! They have been amazing with their enthusiasm for our topic this half term and are so knowledgeable about the Great Fire of London. They have also shown flexibility in supporting our trainee teachers as they practise their skills. Keep up the great work Butterflies, you are all my amazing superstars! 


3 KD

Sebastian R - Sebastian has made some amazing progress over the past few weeks.  His work on fractions has astounded us, and his new motivation and attitude towards his learning is wonderful to see.  He is also working really hard at home to improve his understanding, and that has made a huge difference too.  Keep up the great work Sebastian.


Jorgie-Bea - Jorgie is a very quiet girl in class and often lacks confidence in new and different situations.  Last week we visited Helston Comp for a sports afternoon and Jorgie-Bea was quite worried about this new activity.  However, she had a great time, and we were so proud of the courage she showed joining in all the activities with enthusiasm.  Well done Jorgie, keep building that confidence in yourself and your own abilities.



Harry - For showing determination in all areas of school life.  Well done.

Noah - For showing great resilience.  Your confidence and understanding of fractions continue to grow. Well done.