Pupil of the Week 16.10.2020

16th October 2020

Pupils of the Week 16th October 2020



Learners of the Week for the Dolphins class are Flavio and Katie for always showing such a caring attitude towards their friends and the other children in the class.  They are lovely role models for their kind and considerate behaviour at all times.

Zachary is pupil of the week for showing commitment to his learning.


1 BM

Ivy- Thank you to Ivy for showing the virtue of purposefulness. Ivy is always keen to work hard and persevere until a task is complete. Well done!


Lochlan- Thank you to Lochlan for showing lots of enthusiasm towards his learning. He is keen to take part in the tasks he is given and is very proud of himself when he has done well. Great effort!


2 HE

Ben - for being such a whizz in Maths! Ben is so enthusiastic about Maths and is often completing the three star challenge. He is determined and has real focus during these lessons. 


Arthur - for showing the virtues of diligence and reliability. Arthur is always doing the right thing at the right time. He is a pleasure to have in the class. He follows all instructions and always works hard. He listens so well and is socking up his new learning like a sponge. Keep up the hard work Arthur. 


2 NE

Millie is learner of the week for her amazing diligence. Millie always gives 100% to her learning, she works hard and listens to feedback in order to improve her work. Well done Millie, keep it up!


Jacob is learner of the week for his perseverance in attempting challenging tasks. Well done Jacob for never giving up!




4 SC

Lilly & Emilia - for the thoughtful and considerate way in which they supported and encouraged a player on the opposite team they were playing a football match against last weekend.  These girls showed a truly inspirational attitude and impressed everyone who watched the match.


Ella - for always showing excellent focus, effort and a diligent approach towards everything she does in class.  


Special mention:

Toby - who has written a fabulous story and typed it up on the laptop this week. 



Lily - for showing hard work and determination in all areas of school, especially in French this week - well done.


Benji - For transitioning into Year 5 with great maturity.  Always working to the best of his ability, producing work of a very high standard.