Pupil of the Week 12th March 2021

14th March 2021

Pupil of the Week 12th March 2021


2 HE

Rex - for being so incredibly focused on his reading and phonics. Rex works so hard with all his sounds and Year 2 phonics rules and is really starting to apply them in all his work. He has just moved up two book band colours and is flying. We are so proud. 


2 NE

Thomas S is learner of the week for his helpfulness when supporting his friend in their learning. Well done Thomas and thank you.

Thomas C for his hard work and determination in reading and writing this week. Keep it up Thomas.

Joe for his confidence and excellence. Last week Joe gave an art lesson to the whole class, which we thoroughly enjoyed. Well done, Joe.


3 KD

James:  I have been really impressed with the way that James has returned to school after lockdown.  He hasn't let any of his worries stop him, and I can really see that he is trying so hard in all we do.  He is consistently doing the right thing at the right time, despite many distractions around him at times.  I have also loved hearing him join in with our discussions more and really hope his confidence continues to shine.


Orla:  Orla was chosen for returning to school in such a mature manner, really showing that she is ready to learn.  After a slightly rocky first day, she accepted her new seating arrangement and has been working really hard to integrate herself into the new group.  Both Miss Williams and I commented that there is a new, more positive attitude towards her learning, and new confidence to talk to join discussion which we are really pleased to see.



Jacob - For courage when presenting your wonderful information all about Greece.  Well done.

Finley - For being resilient, returning to school with a positive attitude and wowing us all with your knowledge about the World!  Well done.

Harry too for being so brave - getting up and persevering with presenting his wonderfully interesting and detailed project about San Francisco.

Special mention - to the whole class for returning with such positivity and an eagerness to learn.  It's so lovely to have you all back with us!