Pupil of the Week 11.09.2020

11th September 2020

Learners of The Week


A great overall attendance this week with 4 classes having 100% attendance.  Well done.



Just emailing you the Dolphins info for Pupil of the Week, but it is too difficult to choose as all the children have had such a super return to school.  Every Dolphin has shown great courage and resilience this week and it has been so lovely seeing them all again with big smiles on their faces.  We are very proud of them all.


Seahorses 1BM

Iwan- Thank you to Iwan for showing great commitment to his learning this week. Iwan has tackled each task independently and has shown great effort to do his best. Well done Iwan!


Brody- Thank you Brody for the super effort that you have shown this week. Brody has work well on all his tasks and I am very impressed with his writing; he showed great determination when writing several sentences on his own. Well done Brody!


Lillie- Thank you to Lillie for a super start in Year 1. Lillie has shown that she has a super attitude to learning and can be relied on to complete the tasks set. Well done Lillie for showing great commitment to your learning.  



Jacob and Reuben

Both of these boys have showed the virtue of reliability this week. They have settled into their new class really well, following all of the rules and expectations confidently. 


I can rely on Jacob and Reuben to be listening carefully all the time and trying their hardest with all of the activities they have been set. Keep up the hard work boys. 



Theo is learner of the week because he has shown a huge amount of courage and confidence this week. Theo is new to Parc Eglos school and has very quickly become a happy member of the Butterflies. Well done Theo.

Sumaiya is also learner of the week for her confidence. It has been pleasing to see Sumaiya happily chat to new adults in the class as the week as gone on. Well done, keep it up. 

I would also like to give a special mention to the whole of the Butterflies class for their amazing confidence in returning to school, their enthusiasm in all of their learning and their joyfulness every single day. We have had a great first week and we’re looking forward to the year ahead. Thank you Butterflies! 



Leila- has been extremely cooperative and caring towards the pupils she has worked with this week. She has given them some fantastic advice when they have found things tricky or they unsure how to deal with things whilst encouraging them to have  positive mental attitude. 


Alby- has shown real perseverance with his learning this week. Even when learning has been tough he hasn't given up but instead he has used his four b's to find strategies to get himself unstuck. Also superb attendance this week. 




Archie - Archie has been a very welcome addition to our class this week.  He has shown so much confidence, joining us each day with a smile and making some lovely friendships along the way.  Well done Archie, we look forward to getting to know more about you.


Anna - Anna has made a fabulous start to Year 3, settling down to all her work with diligence and a very mature attitude.  She is a very calm, kind and gentle girl who has just been a pleasure to meet this week.


Ava - Ava has been spotted by a number of adults for her kindness and friendliness.  This has been especially evident at lunchtimes where she has been such a good friend to others when they needed it.


Ashley - Wow, what a start from Ashely.  He has shown how diligent and respectful he is, always remembering his manners and settling to his work with enthusiasm.  Well done Ashley, keep it up.



Isobel - for effort and perseverance with her work and courage in reading out her writing to the class.


Thomas - for working hard and being super helpful with lots of jobs and reminders.


Finlay - for being really helpful and flexible this week, especially volunteering to swap groups in PE.