Pupil of the Week 04.12.2020

4th December 2020

Pupil of the Week 04.12.2020



Just to say that our Learners of the Week for tomorrow are Cisco, Ben and Luke for displaying the virtue of friendliness around the classroom.  The boys are kind to their friends and have been really thinking about the feelings of others this week.  We are very proud of them.


2 HE

Rex - for his confidence in reading and phonics. Rex did so well in his phonics screening test, and he is learning so many new words every day. He is confident to put his hand up in our phonics lessons and I am so proud of his progress. 


Jacob - for his focus and determination in handwriting. Jacob knows this is his focus and his is trying so hard with his letter formation and letter sizing. We have noticed a huge improvement this week alone. Keep it up!


2 NE

Stanley is learner of the week for his increased focus and determination in lessons. Well done Stanley, keep it up!


Finnley is learner of the week for his determination to do the very best he can in Maths and finding solutions to solve problems. Great work Finnley!


Jacob is learner of the week for the confidence he now displays in Maths. It's wonderful to see him excited to learn and achieve. Well done Jacob, keep believing you can do it!



Michael - has worked exceptionally hard on his independent writing which he wrote a set of instructions. You presented your work well, used perseverance and followed instructions. Mrs Goldsworthy was delighted to mark Michael's set of instructions and it's great to see Michael showing his potential. 


Arthur - This week we have seen Arthur trying exceptionally hard in his guided reading and maths (TTRS) lessons. He has achieved and completed work well and his positive and focused attitude towards his work has certainly paid off. Go Arthur! 



4 SC

A special mention for the whole class for working so well for Mrs Williams this week.  She really enjoyed her two days in the class.  Also, we have been so impressed with how well everyone is doing with learning their times tables and reading. 25 children moved up the Times Tables Ladder this week and lots of children are earning reading certificates each week now. Well done everyone!



Harry - for his enthusiasm and hard work.  Harry has a super attitude to learning and is a great talk partner.

Summer - For showing super effort and hard work with her learning.