Pupil of the Week 02.10.2020

2nd October 2020

Learner of the Week 02.10.2020




Elsie and Reubyn for showing enthusiasm towards their learning every day.  They are super role models within our class and should feel very proud of themselves for settling back into school life so well.



Nico- Thank you to Nico for his thoughtfulness. Nico is always very kind and thoughtful towards his friends and he is fun to be around. Nico is also very thoughtful when sharing his ideas, giving clear explanations about his thinking. Well done Nico!


Cohen- Thank you to Cohen for the commitment he shows to his learning. He can be always be relied on to complete the tasks he has been given to the best of his ability. Thank for your super effort Cohen, well done!



Nura and Harry - for their dedication to reading. Both Nura and Harry have a new found love for reading and want to read all the time when at home. They are trying so hard with their segmenting and blending, focusing so hard on learning our key words and wanting to challenge themselves. Keep up the good work guys. 


Oliver  - for his focus in the classroom this week. Oliver has done some superb work this week as a result of showing a lot more focus and concentration. He has had a really positive few days. 




Vincent is always so kind and supportive to all the children in the Butterflies class as he will be one of the first to congratulate another child on a job well done. He approaches each day with such enthusiasm that it brightens up everyone's day. Thank you, Vincent,!


Joseph is also learner of the week for the commitment and diligence he has shown towards his work this week. He is trying so hard to do his very best. Well done Joseph, keep it up!


Nellie is learner of the week for her joyfulness. Each day she comes into school and greets me with the biggest smile. This continues throughout the day and with every task, even if they are hard! Nellie you are a joy to teach, thank you!



As a class this week we have been focusing on working hard, following our class rules and respecting each other. 

Maisie, Jessica, Isabel, Imogen, Oliver, Florence and Matilda. 

We are very proud of all seven of you for following instructions, doing your best and being kind to others. Keep this up and thank you for leading by example. 



Johan - for his enthusiasm about our Literacy work and for writing a super Greek myth story this week.

Toby - for having two excellent weeks in school and producing some super Maths and Literacy work this week.

Isaac - for always working hard and producing a fantastic Greek myth this week in Literacy.  He has also been a good buddy to another member of our class this week.

Isobel K & Isobel P - for doing some great maths work yesterday and for producing excellent

Aaron - for catching up with all our maths work via Google Classroom when he was off last week and also for his courage in PE with jumping off a high surface, which he had never tried Greek myth stories, working independently for much of the time.



Alanna - for practicing and polishing the virtue of diligence and hard work.

Charlotte - for practicing and polishing the virtue of diligence, determination and hard work.