pupil of the Week 11.12.2020

11th December 2020

Pupil of the Week 11th December 2020



Our LOW this week are Millie H and Jowan for showing the virtue of generosity and Isla for showing the virtue of confidence. The children have all been generous and confident in lots of different ways this week and we are very proud of them.


1 BM

Nolan & Lillian- perseverance

Thank you to Lillian and Nolan for showing great perseverance with their writing task. We had lots of fun creating an alternative ending to the traditional tale of The Three Little Pigs. Thank you and well done!


Mila- determination

Well done to Mila for showing lots of determination this week when writing. She has taken every opportunity to practise writing and she is very proud of herself. We are proud of her too!


Sennen- helpfulness

Thank you to Sennen for always being willing to help. She is very kind and helpful to everyone and helps to make our class as happy place. Well done Sennen!


Eben- thoughtfulness

Well done Eben for showing the virtue of thoughtfulness. Eben always thinks carefully about his responses to questions and he has begun to tackle his written work with increased thought and attention. Well done Eben!


Lilly- Kindness

Thank you to Lilly for showing kindness to her friends. Lilly often shares a kind word or offers a kind gesture which helps to make our classroom a happy to be. Thank you for your kindness Lilly.



2 HE

Bodhi - for showing great focus and attention in his work this week. He has enjoyed learning about and writing his own acrostic poems. He has also been very focused in Maths this week, as we have explored subtraction. Well done Bodhi. 


Alfie - for his helpfulness. I can always rely on Alfie to be super helpful and do little jobs for me around the classroom. He loves to please and is very mature in the way he conducts himself when doing the little jobs for me. Thank you Alfie. 


Oliver - for his resilience in writing this week. Oliver has really engaged with learning about and writing his own acrostic poems. He has worked so hard, has had some superb ideas and his handwriting has been  brilliant. Well done Oliver. 


2 NE

Nellie and George are our learners of the week for their hard work and diligence in Literacy and Maths . They have both challenged themselves with creative language and difficult challenges. Well done George and Nellie, keep it up!

Kian is also learner of the week for his determination in Maths. He has worked so hard to understand column subtraction and he can now do this with ease. Well done Kian, keep up the good work!


3 SG

Florence - You are really persevering in your math lessons and staying focused whilst learning a range of written methods. Florence, remember to confident and keep believing in yourself. You are doing a great job. 


Masie- Always works extremely hard in all lessons and always shows exemplary behaviour. She is a very well-mannered member of the class. These qualities haven't gone unnoticed Masie and you are an absolute star.