18th June 2021

1st June 2021

Pupil of the Week 18th June 2021




Cadan for practising the virtue of enthusiasm. Cadan has tried really hard to join in with our maths learning on doubling this week. It has been great to see him combining his love of animals with numbers! Keep up the great work.


Eli for practising the virtues of readiness and enthusiasm. Eli always sets a brilliant example to others and tries his best in his learning. We are so impressed with the effort he has made this week to record his learning in writing and maths. Well done!


Emily for practising the virtue of orderliness. She is fantastic at staying on task and always tries really hard in her learning. This week Emily has been brilliant at ensuring none of our lovely resources go missing by checking everything is tidied up in its correct place and counted carefully. Keep being super helpful!  




Our learners of the week will be Millie H and Reubyn for always displaying the virtue of kindness around the classroom.



Bodhi - for showing such great enthusiasm for our new topic of Victorians and Florence Nightingale. Bodhi embraced our Victorian day on Wednesday and loved learning about the punishments that Victorian children received at school. 


Freya - for her bravery and courage when coming back to school after half term to a dress up day and a different routine than we normally have. Freya had the best day, and we are so proud of her confidence. 


2 NE

Our Learners of the Week are Theo and Jacob who have both worked so hard on developing their resilience and confidence, particularly in Maths. Well done boys, we are so proud of you, keep it up!



Jacob - For working in a wonderful, collaboratively way in maths this week.  Excellent work!

Louis- For always working to the best of your ability and for making thoughtful, insightful suggestions and comments during class discussions.