Year 6

Barton Hall Updates
Return time expected to be around 7.30pm, we will issue a revised/confirmed time once the group have stopped for their tea.

Revised time: Making good time, final return time for Year 6 tonight is now expected around 7.15pm, please feel free to park in school grounds if there is space (although be aware you may have to wait to leave), please can we ask you to make sure you leave space for the bus to arrive and drop off at the bottom gate.
We will be posting updates on the Barton Hall Residential on this page, expect to see a couple of updates each day.
We will also be accepting messages from parents and reading them out to children once or twice a day during whole group sessions (i.e. before dinner), information on how to send those messages will be added to this post.
Please email all messages for children to with the subject "Y6 Camp" , batches of messages are sent on to Y6 staff a couple of times each day.
Day 3
12.54pm - All has gone so well again today with Zipwire, Swimming and Aeroball. The PGL staff reckon we are the best school ever. Our PGL leader Holly who was worked at Barton Hall for over four years said that ‘if all groups were like Parc Eglos, my job would be so much easier. The children are polite, respectful and thoughtful. They are also up for any challenge going. This has been an amazing three days for me!’ 

We are having lunch followed by a further activity. This will end at 3.45pm and the children will be on the bus by about 4pm; they will be given sandwiches which we will eat at a Service Station en route with our ETA being around about 7.30pm. We will issue a more specific time once we have finished our tea and are back on the coach.


12.20pm - Collected photos from today, the Zip-wire is amazing!
Day 2
10.00pm - a large mixture of photos from the trip so far added below this post.
9.00pm -  last batch of messages sent to Barton Hall for today (although likely these will not be read out until morning.)
11.49am - Tuesday morning and it is archery for Group 5.
8.45am - Breakfast pictures!
8.05am - The children have been an absolute treat. At evening meal their manners were fantastic, they showed the other schools how to behave at the dinner table and they were very helpful in clearing up. Last night there was not one single disturbance and the children slept really well. In fact we had to get some of them up because they had slept all the way through. Room inspections went really well too and many of the children went out of their way to make sure everything was really clean and tidy. It is 8am when I’m writing this. We are now on our way for a hearty breakfast.
These pictures are from yesterday evening, the children had to search around the site for clues which represented different countries.
7.30am - overnight and morning messages sent on to the Y6 team.
Day 1
7.15pm - first batch of messages sent to Y6 team, will send on any overnight messages first thing in the morning and post any updates from Barton Hall around the same time.
4.57pm - The children were so well behaved at the Zoo and they loved the Baboons who were really on form. Believe me children are much easier to manage. Everyone is now getting settled into their rooms and looking forward to the Barton Hall evening meal.
1.00pm - Pictures from the Zoo
9th May 2019
Through the year our Maths challenge group have been travelling to Helston School every Tuesday, along with pupils from many of our SPCMAT schools, for a session of extra-challenging maths work, below are some pictures from their very final session this week.
4th March 2019
The Youth Speaks team compiled a report on their experiences preparing and speaking in the Youth Speaks competition, well worth a read!

 22nd January 2019

Two Year 6 teams took part in the annual Rotary Club Youth Speaks competition last week hosted at Parc Eglos.  Isobel Timmins, Lucy Wheeler and Lucy Healey gave a presentation based on the good, the bad and the ugly of children's use of the internet.  Amelia Harrison, Charlotte Oliver Jones and Megan Denton based their presentation on the problem of homelessness, particularly in Cornwall.  Both presentations were of a high standard and we are proud of all the girls.  


Megan, Charlotte and Amelia are going through to the next round at Penwith College on the 5th February.  Good luck girls!


Barton Hall Presentation
Transition 2018/19

Thurs 29th Nov Y6 Drama

Thurs 6th Dec Y6 Maths

Thurs 24th Jan Y6 Art

Thurs 14th Feb Y6 English


Transition finishes around 4.30pm, collection is from the South Site Hall, children will be allowed to walk home or be returned to Parc Eglos if you have selected those options, collection arrangements cannot be changed part-way through the year and whatever is selected initially is the direction that HCC staff will follow.