Year 6

Y6 Performance Music
Music for practising at home can be found through this link:
Music will need to be streamed from this link for mobile devices.
Y6 Liddington Residential
Updates from Liddington will be posted here during their time away. You can send messages to the group by emailing . Messages are posted to this page every 1-2 hours and read out at regular intervals to the group by staff.
3.00pm 9th March (posted 4.00pm)
The group are leaving Taunton Services and now anticipate being back at HCC Bus Park 5.45-6.00pm. Any further updates will come by text/our facebook.
Some videos of abseiling from today below:
1.20pm 9th March (posted 2.30pm)
We are on our way now, just as we set off it started to rain for the very first time! It has been a fantastic trip and our luck has returned!
12.30pm 9th March
Some pictures from this morning's Trapeze!
10:45pm 8th March 
Room Inspection went well this morning, main activity this morning is the Trapeze! Departure time is 1pm and expected time back in Helston is 6.30pm (pickup is now set to take place at Helston College Bus park).
9.20pm 8th March
Looks like everyone is glammed up for the disco!
Some pictures of another group on the big swing, featuring Mrs Harrison!
7.15pm 8th March
Mr Groom's group doing Archery and on the "Big Swing", a group of children work together to pull up the swing carrying two others. Library of video available here (link valid for a week)
Some Archery Pictures from this afternoon from Mr Dye.
12.30pm 8th March
Some footage of Mr Groom's Group 1 on Jacob's ladder.
*update* More videos added, library can be found at this link for one week
11.45am 8th March
Another group's fencing with some "Guess who?" pictures.
11.00am 8th March
some morning pictures from today
Climbing Jacob's ladder.
Group 1 fencing this morning... Mr Groom thoroughly enjoyed fighting the children! 
9.00am 8th March
Good Morning from Liddington!
Yet again all the children slept after a fab evening at the campfire. They loved it!

Mr Dye has been totally amazed at the tidiness of their rooms and they assure him they are like this at home. Even the shoes are in regimental order (see picture). It is another fun day Jacobs Ladder, Archery, Giant Swing, Fencing and much more, weather is good again dry with sunny spells!
some additional pictures of another group from yesterday also uploaded here
8.00pm 7th March
more pictures of afternoon activities below

The Aeroball record was broken again firstly by Sam and Rory with 100, but then Harrison got the unbelievable score of 240 in 3 minutes! Outstanding!

There has been such a range of activities today that it would take us all week to describe them all.  We just think that the children as a group have shown great courage and determination. The pictures should tell the stories anyway. I am reading all your messages out after the football on the astroturf and the Campfire including the funny one about myself. I do not plan to climb up any telegraph posts mind you, my experiences on Canoes here have made me keep my feet firmly on the floor!

7.20pm 7th March
Lasagne was very popular!
1.00pm 7th March (posted 3.00pm)
More early afternoon pictures!
1.00pm 7th March 2018
Zipwire videos from Group 1: Honey, Immy, Alex, Harrison, Phoebe, Bradley, Taylor, Cory, Isobel, Mia and Miss James! Full set of videos can be found HERE (too much to post individually on this page, quality makes it hard to pick out individuals - sorry!) *update - link should be fixed*
11.00am 7th March - Group 4
Aeroball was a great way to start for Group 4, these are a competitive bunch with some really high scores, not content with setting a record score of 90, Charlie had to challenge Mr Dye and the result was a 85-85 draw!  Next up for this group it is Jacob’s Ladder
9.30am 7th March
Pictures from the first activities of the day.
8.00am 7th March
Everyone slept through the night and there were no disturbances. Mr Dye’s room inspection left him amazed as every room got at least 9 out of 10. Everything really tidy just need to make the sinks immaculate for tomorrow!
7.10am 7th March
Pictures from last night's activity
5.30pm 6th March (posted 6.20pm)
Pictures of our rooms posted, all settled in!
3.05pm 6th March
The group arrived at 2.30pm and are settling into their rooms before an orientation and a tour of the grounds.
11.48am 6th March
The group are arriving at Collumpton Service Station
1.00pm 6th March
added some pictures
15th January 2018
Our year 6 Youth Speaks team took part in the annual competition organised by the Rotary Club at Germoe School on 15th January.  Darcey, Alex and Erin presented our speech Should SATs be abolished?  We are absolutely delighted and very proud of the girls - not only did they give a highly polished performance - but they were joint winners of the Area Winners' Shield.  The girls will now go on to the Regional Final at Penwith College on 6th February.  
Autumn Term
Re-enactment of the Battle of Bosworth:

House Captains


Captains - Charlie S, Darcey L

Vice - Rory D, Lauren R



Captains - Olivia W and Sam P

Vice - Neve N, Curtis H



Captains - Kian W and Ellie P

Vice - Joe U and Poppy E



Captains - Isabelle G, Ethan C

Vice - Phoebe R