Year 5

10th July 2019
Daniella and Jessica were sent to Mr Dye today to show some of their excellent work in Maths, well done both of you!
Here are some more of the blogs created by Y5:
2nd July 2019
Mr Dye would like to showcase these examples of maths work by Olivia, Jessica and James.
Year 5 have been working with Miss Steele in their IT this term, part of that unit has been on writing and developing blogs, here are some examples of their work:
Osmington Bay Residential June 2019
This is where we will publish updates on the Osmington Bay residential over the course of their time away, expect to see a couple of updates on what we are up to along with pictures of our activities each day.
We will open an email address which families can use to send messages to the children, these will be read out once or twice a day at public sessions (on the bus, at breakfast/dinner), details on this will follow in the week of the trip.
Expected return time currently around 7-7.15pm, this should be the final time now unless there are traffic issues coming into Cornwall.
Day 3
3.39pm - Home journey going well, currently at Taunton Deane having a break for the driver's Tachometer, now expected back 7-7.15pm. Enjoying our fruit on the way back and had a big lunch but recommend children have something to eat this evening.
8.30amAll going well here we are just getting everything ready to go for breakfast. The disco last night was very hot, they’ve enjoyed it but we ended up having it on the grass outside at one stage because of the heat. We have managed to persuade the powers that be for us to have the first lunch today so we are going to be a lot earlier than expected; at the moment we are looking at about 6pm for arrival in Helston, we will not be having tea unless there is a delay and have stocked up with fruit for the journey.
7.23am - overnight messages sent on to the Y5 team, hopefully for reading at breakfast. Next chance to deliver is likely lunch or on the bus home, will look to send out a final run of messages early afternoon.
Day 2
Pictures from the afternoon and evening of Day 2
An assortment of extra photos from the first two days taken with our class kindles.
6.20pm - last batch of messages for today sent on, some more photos to upload when back at school tomorrow.
9.39am - Great weather but wind up a bit so no sailing – we are doing Aeroball, Trapeze, climbing and orienteering this morning.
8.10am - The children have been fantastic overnight every single room got maximum sleep points and Mr Dye room inspection Has left him with a dilemma because so many rooms got top marks that it could be difficult to chose the best one tomorrow, they are so motivated to win the coveted prize. What an amazing group of children!  
7.00am - Overnight messages sent on to the Y5 Team.
Day 1 
8.00pm - The rooms are lush! First batch of messages were well received, we'll forward any that come in overnight first thing in the morning.
7.22pm - The food was awesome. We have had a fab day. The weather is stunning too windy to  sail so we did the trapeze and Aero ball instead as well as climbing and orienteering
12:39pm - Couple of pictures as we approach Osmington Bay, everything going well this morning.
Osmington Bay Information
An updated copy of the Osmington Bay information is now available here.
15th February 2019
Mr Dye would like to highlight this work by Ruby and JB, good job!
19th December 2018
Daniela and Olivia M have been to see Mr Dye because they were the first ones to complete the extension work today, good job with your purple polishing!
17th October 2018
Mr Dye has picked out this topic work by Rosie for the website, excellent work!
26th September 2018

Mr Dye would like to highlight this work from Ruby, Evan and Verity, excellent progress!
Transition 2018/19
Copy of the Helston Community College Transition booklet below, the dates for Y5 this year are:

Thurs 14th Mar Y5 Science

Weds 27th Mar Y5 Languages

Thurs 23rd May Y5 PE

Transition finishes around 4.30pm, collection is from the North Site Canteen, children will be allowed to walk home or be returned to Parc Eglos if you have selected those options, collection arrangements cannot be changed part-way through the year and whatever is selected initially is the direction that HCC staff will follow.