Year 4

3rd July 2019
Mr Dye would like to highlight these examples of writing by Ella and Elsie, excellent work girls!
We will be posting updates on the Newquay trip on this page, expect to see a couple of updates each day.
We will also be accepting messages from parents and delivering them to children once or twice a day during whole group sessions (i.e. before dinner), information on how to send those messages will be added to this post.
Emails to the Y4 team have now closed.
Day 3
11.39am - We are enjoying the first set of activities in the woods - lighting fires, orienteering, target shooting and the team knot tying challenge. 
7.40am - last batch of messages sent to Y4 staff, bit short-staffed in the office today so I may not get much chance to look at any new photos but I will try! - Mr H
Pictures from morning activities added below
Day 2
10.20pm - Evening pictures added
6.10pm - Last batch of messages for today sent to Y4 team, any overnight will be delivered first thing in the morning.
3.42pm - We have had a super day on the beach and lots of fun body boarding. We're heading back to the caravans for hot showers and dinner now. Looking forward to our talent show and disco tonight!
11.19am - A beautiful morning down on Fistral beach. Everyone is having a lovely time. 
8.20am - Good morning. We are all up, having breakfast and looking forward to an exciting day on the beach. The weather looks great again!
7.00am - evening and overnight messages sent to Newquay.
Day 1
9.00pm - no more updates for today, messages sent in this evening and overnight will be sent to staff first thing in the morning.
4.42pm - A great afternoon in the sunshine doing archery, target shooting and fencing. We also designed some bunting for our caravans. 
11.15am - We have arrived safely and the children are all looking forward to a swim before lunch.