Year 3

We will be posting a couple of updates on the BF trip on this page, expect to see a couple of updates each day.
Day 2
2.45pm - Final activity is well under way - building catapults! 
We're all tired but coping very well. Think it could be a quiet drive back though! See you at 4.30pm.
9.58am - An early start, but a successful night (albeit a very late one!). A delicious cooked breakfast, toast and cereal has been consumed and we off for another day of adventures. 
Day 1
5.38pm - Wow, what a fantastic afternoon. We have some very weary children but some incredibly brave and resilient children too. We are now preparing for our BBQ tea and evening activities. 
12.15pm - Arrived safe and sound. Eating lunch in the sunshine. Everyone happy and ready to go.
9th May 2019
Mrs Banner would like to share this artwork by Benji in 3KD/HH, very impressive!
7th March 2019
Mrs Tonkin, Mrs Goldworthy and Mrs Banner wanted to showcase this work by Tommy and by Zara and Zack for maths week.
28th September 2018 
Mr Dye would like to highlight this homework by Olivia, the "Evacuee" board game, complete with event cards and home made dice and player tokens. Well designed and very well put together, it definitely shows some of the difficulties and challenges faced by actual evacuees.
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