Year 2

16th November 2018
Mrs Endean would like to highlight this work by Ollie P
Wednesday 14th November
On Wednesday 14th Nov, the Year 2 children were delighted with an exclusive show from Craig at Squashbox theatre. He performed his Universarama show and the children were blown away with interesting facts about space through the medium of puppets, jokes and songs!
We met Profession Johnson and helped him on his mission to Neptune. We even learnt about Sir Isaac Newton and Galileo. 
What an amazing time had by all, the teachers loved it too!
31st October 2018

Last night, the Year 2 children came back to school in the dark for an exciting launch to our topic "Look up to the stars". 

We started in Mrs Eddy's room with a special hot chocolate in the twinkly, candle lit space. We watched a video and talked about the planets. We learnt about 10 things you can look out for in the night sky. 

Thank you to everyone who came and made it so successful. We managed to see Mars and Orion's belt as well as a moving satellite. 


Tuesday 25th September

On Tuesday 25th September, we were lucky enough to have a very special visitor come into Year 2. Walt Disney arrived to spend the afternoon with us and we were so excited!

The children walked into Mrs Eddy's classroom after lunch to be greeted by Walt drawing a sketch of his very first character, Mickey Mouse. We then listened to a talk about Walt's life, the films he created and how he dreamed up the resort that we know as Disneyland. Walt then allowed us some time to complete a character trail which we did outside in the sunshine, the children had to hunt for stickers of the main characters famously drawn by Walt himself. 

Then we came back into the classroom and had a go at being cartoonists, drawing sketches of Mickey Mouse using a step by step guide. We had such fun and it was so lovely to soak ourselves up in the topic for the afternoon. 


Monday 17th September
On Monday 17th September, the Year 2 children came to school dressed as their favourite Disney character. We launched our topic of "It's a small world" with a bang and had such a fabulous, exciting day. We started with some Literacy work, linking the adjectives and virtues we could use to describe our character. In Maths, we solved reasoning and word problems left for us by Mickey Mouse and his friends. In the afternoon, we collaged a Disney character using different materials and ripping, scrunching or tearing to create an effect.