Y6 Residential - Messages from Family

Messages from family will be posted here every 1-2hs 8am-8pm during the time Y6 are away. These are read out to the group at regular intervals during the trip (i.e. at breakfast & evening meal). You can send us messages for publication by emailing residentials@parc-eglos.cornwall.sch.uk
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4.00pm 9th March

Hi Joe
We are all super excited to see you tonight and hear all about your adventures- we've got you lots of nice treats to eat.
Dad said to tell you he paid extra and changed your Xbox user name to pinktutu77 hahaha only joking!!!
Thank you to all the staff for putting up with all the year 6's.
See you tonight baby boy!
Love mum and dad, J & J xxx


Hi Honey
Hope you enjoyed the Disco!! All the pics of you and your friends look fab and I can't wait to hear all about it! 
I hope you enjoy your last day and that the journey back isn't too long!!! I've missed you so much and can't wait to see you!!! I'm very excited!!! Daddy will be home and is looking forward to meeting you off the bus xx
See you soon 
Lots of love 


12.00pm 9th March


Hi cal hope you had a great time, cant wait to see you later .dont wear yourself out as your name is down for a  football match this weekend !!have fun , be good love mum and dad xx

Mia T

Hello bubs, well it's your last day. Have fun. Hope you've better weather there, it's rain and fog today in Helston. Please don't leave anything behind (as usual) and I hope you are remembering your meds. Safe journey home everyone. Cannot wait to see you baby love mum xx 

Hi Chicken. 

Have a wonderful last day there and a safe journey home. Can't wait to see you and give you the biggest hug ever. Love you. Dad, Mum & Lilly xxx


9.50am 9th March


Hi Harry, have a brilliant last day. We have all missed you and can't wait to hear about all your adventures with your friends. Thank you to Mr Dye and all the staff for this great experience you have had.

See you soon with lots of washing...

Lots of love mum, dad, and the crazy 2 x


Morning Dyl,

Enjoy this morning's activities and wishing you all a safe journey home. Dad will be here to collect you in the car so we won't have to walk home. Good luck with packing everything back in the suitcase and try not to leave anything behind! Can't wait to hear about all the things you have done. Love Mum xx


Hi Phoebe! It’s Birthday Eve! We all can’t wait to see you tonight and have you back in your rightful place (sitting in your bedroom on your iPad watching Zoella!) Safe trip home, can’t wait to hear all about your adventures and celebrate your birthday tomorrow. Lots of love xxx



7.30am 8th March 


Morning sweet 
Can't wait to see you later missed you like crazy and Cooper still can't work out where u are. 
Also when you get back dad will be home for the wkend he can't wait to see you and Ross. 
Don't worry Ross hasn't nicked your bedroom. 
Enjoy your last morning  
Love you millions  
Mum,Dad, Ross and Cooper xx 


Hi Sam 
Wow what a week of adventure you have had, loved all of the photos! We can’t wait to hear all about it, you boys all looked smart for the disco! I hope you enjoyed it! Beth wants to know if you can do the ‘Floss’ yet!!! 
See you tonight! 
Love from Mum, Dad, Beth, Emilia, Flora, Alfie and Nancy xxx 


Poppy Nott, 
So today is the final day. I do hope you have had a fantastic time but I really am ready for my little whirlwind to be home now! See you tonight sweetheart. The washing machine is empty and ready to go and there will be a nice warm bubble bath waiting for you. See you soon darling, Mum 


See you after I finish work tonight George. Everyone missing you loads. Love you so so much.  
Mum xxxxxxxxxx 


Dear Tom, 
We're looking forward to seeing you and giving you a big hug. 
A safe and good journey to all of you, 
Lots of love, 
Mummy, Daddy, Nanny & Kevin 


Hi Tay. I'm loving all the photos and cool hair styles. I cannot wait to see you tomorrow. It looks like you have had an amazing time. Have a safe journey back and we will see u when you get home. Love you loads xxx 


Hey Mawgan  
Hope your having an awesome time... can’t wait to hear all about it!   
Loads of love xxxl 


Morning Chlo-Bo 
Sounds like a fun day yesterday. The big swing looked good and I’d quite fancy a go at fencing. Hope the disco was good fun and that you are getting some sleep. We have enjoyed looking at the photos of you all and seeing what a great time you all seem to be having. 
You’ll be pleased that the pink has gone and even Lily has helped with some painting. Even though she won’t admit it, I think she is missing you a bit. 
Enjoy your last morning and we look forward to seeing you later. Love you from mummy, daddy, Lily and Bubbles xx 


Good morning Adam! 

Your last morning of fun and activities - hope you really enjoy it. Can't wait to hear all about your trip. What an amazing time you've been having! 

Looking forward to seeing you later this evening - missing you lots!  

Don't leave any dirty socks under the bed when you pack up! 

Lots of love Mum xxxxx 


Hi Immy! 

Looks like you've had another great day and the weather looks lovely - aren't you lucky!  Fencing looks like fun, so does the archery.  Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow, make the most of the last fun-packed day.  We love you loads. 

Mum and Dad and Emily  x x x 



9.15pm 8th March 

Last set of messages for today 


Hi Sam 
Hope you are enjoying yourself! 
Lots of love from 
Granny and Grandad 


Wow! Olivia looks like you are having an amazing time. You will be showing us what to do at Centre Parcs! 

Can't wait to see you tomorrow! Enjoy the disco and the rest of your holiday. 

Mum, Dad & Rachie xxx 


Hi lolly lou 

Looks like you are having a fab time and doing loads of cool stuff.. 

Its very quiet here without you and your 'wait, what??' 

enjoy your last evening and day tomorrow. 

See you tomorrow 

Love you tons 

Mummy, Jade, and Beth xx 


Hey michael guess where I am in the hospital! I hurt my foot . I was on the mugger and some body passed me the ball and I slipped over. I am waiting right now to get a Exray. 
Hey Michael,  
Apparently Hazel doesn’t miss you but she wanted to update you with regard to recent events!  Don’t worry, we think it might be just a sprain and she is loving wizzing around the hospital in a wheelchair! Hopefully it will be better for the Cross country finals in Newquay!  Have fun at the disco.  Can’t wait to see your happy face!  Get a good nights sleep because you have lots of swimming at the weekend!  
Dad and Nan send their love and can’t wait to see you!  
Lots of love mum and Michelle  

Dear Tom, 
Hope you had a great day. It looked like a lot of fun. 
We're all looking forward to you coming home tomorrow and,  just to let you know, a surprise has arrived in the post for you.  
Lots of love, 
from Mum and Dad xxxxxxx 


7.00pm 8th March 


Hi Harry,  
Message from Grace..can I have your bed please as it's bigger than mine,  I am going to sleep there again tonight and when you come home you can have mine! 
Have a fab last evening, I think it must be the disco tonight, we look forward to seeing you tomorrow with your new found tidiness thanks to Mr Dye.  
Remember to put the wet clothes in the black bags please x 


Hey Ells 

Been keeping updated on all your adventures, it's looks like your having an amazing time. It's great to see you constantly smiling and enjoying life with your friends making lasting memories. 

We are missing you so much especially Jowan, who is very pleased it's only one more sleep till you are home. 

massive thanks to the Parc Eglos team for making this trip possible and taking good care of you. I know you will treasure these memories and experiences for life. 

Enjoy your last evening, look forward to seeing you tomorrow lots of love Mum, Dad, Jowan and Lola xxxx 


Hi Dyl,  

We are so proud of you having a go on the activities today. The photos are great! I bet you enjoyed fencing the most! Have a fun time at the disco, please comb your hair! Will be lovely to see you tomorrow. The days have gone so fast I expect it feels the same at Liddington too. Love Mum n Dad n the Pets XXX 


Hi -again Poppy! (Eley) 
Glad you all had another good nights sleep (??!!), I’m sure you were all too tired for chatting by bedtime! 
We’ve seen you doing Jacobs Ladder, was it as high as the Center Parcs Treetop Trail?!  
Hope you enjoyed the campfire last night 
Anya says, “Hi Poppy, sorry, I broke your mascara and your kindle. Having a lovely time without you! Can you go back next week?!”  She’s just kidding, she’s missing you really.... 
Have another lovely evening and another good nights sleep xxxxxx 


Hi baby, (Mia T) 

24 hours to go until normal service resumes and you are home, (the mess, the noise etc). We are in negotiations with Mr Dyes agents to agree how much he will charge to "spot check" your room weekly. I don't believe that you got 9/10 there - you've never got above 0.9/10 at home!!!! 

Can't wait to here all about your Liddington adventure, see the pictures (I hope they're not all selfies), and see how many times you really did change your clothes. Have a great last evening there and enjoy the disco - try not to get too drunk!!!! 

See you tomorrow evening XXX 

Oh, by the way, we've moved, so if you want washing done and to be fed, you'll have to try to find out where we've moved too!!!!! 

Love you 

Dad, Mum and Lilly xxx 


Hi sweet  
Loving the photos can't wait to hear all about the zip wiring and the fencing, looks like you are having loads of fun. 
Enjoy the disco tonight and don't take too long in deciding what you are going to wear. 
Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow,. 
The house is so quiet without you and I thought Ross made all the noise think I have that wrong  
Love  you loads  
Mum,Dad, Ross and Cooper xxx 


5.00pm 8th March


Hello Charlie 
Hope you’re having a fantastic time.
Looking forward to hearing all about it tomorrow. 
Love Nannie x


Hi cal

Dad and i have been looking at some lovely photos of you fencing and hanging from a zipwire, can you smile in your next round of pictures !! Missing you lots cool dude xx


Hi Ethan, 
Looks like your having fun.... well I hope so, not sure how to take the expression on your face on one of the pictures x Hope your having a brill time and enjoy your disco night. We are all missing you lots xx love you mum, dad Austin and Fergie 


12.30pm 8th March


Hey Adam! I've seen some fantastic pictures of all the activities you're doing - a great one of you on the zip wire! 

Did you reach the top of Jacob's Ladder? Bet you loved the fencing today! 

Hope you're taking some good photos to show me when you get back.

Lots of love Mum xxx


Hi Harry, look at that smile after the zip wire, we are so proud of you and glad you are having s fantastic time with your friends, you won't want to come home to the boring climbing frame in the garden..ha ha. Continue to have a fab time soldier.
Lots of love mum, dad and the crazy two X


11.00am 8th March


Hello my gorgeous, squishy cookie George. We are all missing you, even Josh. 
Love you so much, love your Mummy. 


Hi Tom,
I have been looking at some of the photos on the Internet , and saw one of you  and I think next to you was Adam.
You must be having a wonderful time with all the activities on offer, it's just the sort of things you love to do and anything with a challenge. I really miss you and so does Kevin. 
Have a great time and enjoy your time there.
Lots of love 
From Nanny and Kevin xxxxx and some licks from Kevin 


Hello everyone, I'm so glad the weather's stayed so great for you all. I had visions of rain and mud. 

It looks like you are all having a fantastic time and oh my god, how high are some of those telegraph pole frames. You guys are much braver than me!

Mia you appear to still be in the khaki jog bottoms and hoody set you left the house in ALL those days ago...seeing you got me to empty the bank account purchasing you several hoody tops, t shirts, jumpers and tracky bottoms please do feel free to change your clothes before they start stinking. 

Love and miss you heaps mum, ps it was your dad who sent Mr Dye that message yesterday, sorry Mr Dye!  Ps Mia Now I've seen the proof you WILL now be keeping your bedroom prestine love you, have fun bye xx


We saw lots of pics of you yesterday and it looks like you are having so much fun!!  We are missing you loads here at home (even Jacob!) it's just not the same - it smells nicer for one hahaha!
I'm making chicken pie and carrot cake for your return,
Love you lots
Mum, Dad and J & J xx


Morning Harrison. 

It looks like you are all having a great time.

Wow what a score on aeroball!!! 

Have a great day, looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. 

Love mum. Xxx


9.20am 8th March


Dearest Tom,
Hope you slept well. Have a fab day!
Don't forget your breather and your spray.
Stay warm and dry.
Lots of love from Mum, Dad, Nanny & The Little Land Shark xxxxxxx


Hi Carl,

We are loving the photos of you, so glad you are having a great time.

Looking forward to hearing all about it tomorrow.

Don't forget to change your boxers, and i do hope you have found your toothbrush!!!

It's is so quiet in the house, missing 'shoutie'.

Can't wait to see you  tomorrow 

Lots of love and hugs Mum, Dad and Zara..xxxxx 


Morning Mawgan
Hope you have a brilliant day!
Lots of love all of us xxx

Morning Dilly, 

It was great to see your smiling face in the photos yesterday. Have a brilliant day today with your friends, have a go at everything and have fun at the disco tonight! See you tomorrow, lots of love Mum n Dad xx


Good Morning Doodles (Mia T)

Glad to see that it looked like you enjoyed your dinner last night and hope you’ve had a good nights’ sleep and haven’t been up chatting all night?

Have a great day today and have fun – we are looking out for you each time Mr Dye posts more photos.

Missing you loads

Mum Dad Lilly & Snowdrop xx

p.s,  We aren’t convinced that you have changed your clothes from any of the pictures we’ve seen! You can you know? You’ve at least 2 sets of clothes per day (plus spares), so you are allowed to!

Oh – and you didn’t wear you lucky Spurs shirt did you??!!!


8.00am 8th March

Morning Charlie!

It looked like you were having a great time yesterday in your activities, well done on your challenge with Mr Dye!

We hope you have another fun packed day today, we're missing you lots and are looking forward to you coming home tomorrow.

Lots of love Mum, Dad, Ella and Maya x


Morning lolly loops richards looks like you are having an amazing time. Enjoy every moment . Love you loads daddy xxxx


Morning sweet
Hope you had a good night sleep and ready for adventures today.
Hope you are getting up in the mornings ok and not asking for another 5minutes.
Have a great day and we  will keep looking out for photos of you and your friends
Love you loads
Mum, Dad and Rossxxxx


7.15am 8th March

Overnight and early messages


Poppy E

Hey Pops!!!
So sorry this is yr first message, silly me didn't see the link.  I’ve been keeping up to date with all the fun you’re having!
Everyone looks happy and smiley and I’m sure you’re having a fabulous time trying all the activities and hopefully being brave?!
We are all missing you so much, it’s a very quiet house without yr big personality (and noise!).... but we wouldn’t have you any other way.
Keep having fun....enjoy tomorrow
Love you lots, Mum Dad Anya Alby Harry and Ronald xxxxxx


Hi Immy!

Missing you loads, hope you are having a great time.  The pics look great, it looks really exciting.

Enjoy the activities and have a lovely time.  We love you loads.

Mummy and Daddy xx

PS Emily says Peace Out! Have fun x


Hi cal  missing you lots , the house is too quiet !! And the wifi is running too fast . Cant wait to hear all about adventures love mum , dad and saffy xx hope you're having fun!


Hi Phoebe. Just saw a photo of you with an empty plate - did you actually eat a whole meal - amazing!! Hope you’re having fun with all your friends. Weather looked good today and so relieved there was no rain to smudge your mascara - phew! Hope you have another brilliant day, I’m off to the hospital to have my wisdom tooth removed - wanna swap?! Lots of love from us all xx


Hi Tay this is mum and James. We have been looking at all the photos and we miss u loads. Hope you went on the zip wire and are having an amazing time. James has been looking after your Xbox for you! He also says he loves you so much. Hope you are making lots of fun memories and I hope your ears are behaving. See u Friday. Love all of us xxx


8.15pm 7th March

Last set of messages for today, will aim to post any early or overnight messages before Y6 breakfast.


Hey Mawgan.... looks like your all having an awesome time....! We are all well missing you.... but enjoy every moment and all the activities.... see you fri lots of love Ma, steve and Samual M! Xxx


Hi sweet
Looks like you are having a ball by the photos, but you must be really tired now,don't think there will be a lot of chatting tonight in your room.
Can't wait to see more photos and if you can take some on your camera.
Have a good nights sleep and love you loads
Mum,dad and Ross xxxx
PS Granny and Grandad says hi and sends their love xx


Hi Harry, wow another lot of fun today, Zac said the zip wire looks a bit scary and you are brave to do that..Grace is planning on sleeping in your bed again tonight and I forgot to mention we have sold your Xbox..to pay for Zachary trip to liddington in a few years as it looks such fun..ha ha. Enjoy your dinner, brush your teeth and sleep well ready for another day.
Love you xx


Hi Ethan
Hope you have had a great day and your being well fed... as I know you like your food xx Austin says hi and he's looking forward to seeing you on Friday xx Enjoy your time with all your friends and have a good night sleep xx See you soon xx Love you mum and dad xx


Mia T

Hello Chicken,

Hope you've had a fab day and are all tired out so that poor Mr Dye and the other teachers can get some rest.

We think we've seen you in some pictures today and it looks like you've had fun.

Have a good evening and get lots of rest tonight and recharge for tomorrow.

Hope you've packed and are wearing your lucky Spurs shirt, I think they may need as much luck as possible tonight. Stay safe, be good and remember that showers and soap are a good thing.

Love you loads, Dad, Mum & Lils xxx



7.15pm 7th March


Hi Sam
We hope you are having a fantastic time, it looks like you are all having fun! Beth ran in the Pool Cross Country and came 10th so she is off to Newquay! Nancy is missing you......Emilia is off in your bed tonight! Sleep well, you will need your energy for tomorrow!
Lots of love from Mum, Dad, Beth & Emilia, Flora, Alfie and Nancy xx


Hi Ellie it's a message from Nan and Paps. We've been looking at the photos and it looks like your having a wonderful time. See you soon lots of love xx


Hey Ells

Very quiet start to the day here, Lola ran upstairs to wake you this morning and was very confused not to find you!

Looks like you've had a fun packed day, so wish we were there to see you do the zip wire bet it was amazing.

All the family are thinking of you and send their love.

missing you loads, lots of love

Mum, Dad,Jowan and Lola xxxx


Hi Brad.

Hope your having a lovely time and being good? Photos look great. Try not to fall off anything or bump yourself, you clumsy bum! Make sure you brush your teeth and shower!! I want those teeth sparkly white lol.! Miss you lots, love you more. From Mum, Dave, Ollie, Jas, KC, Reggie, Titch and Larry. Xxx P.S. Dave says "NIGHTTTT!!!" Xxx


Hi Mia, this is from your sister Lilly who is really sad tonight as she is really missing you. She's even cried :0(

Hello Mia, erm, I miss you Mia, I gave snowdrop a cuddle from you. Please don't go away again. I will cuddle snowdrop tonight for you. Love you, love love love Lilly xx


Hi Cory,  hope you are having an amazing time seen some pictures and a video off you zip lining! Very brave. Looks so much fun. Miss you lots, the house is so quiet without you shouting at the Xbox. Love you lots mum, dad and Leah xxx



6.00pm 7th March


Dear Tom
We hope you had a great day and that it stayed dry for you. We're all missing you lots!
Don't forget the brown inhaler!
Sleep well tonight!
Lots of love from mum and dad xxx


Hi Chloe B
Looks like you are having fun and enjoyed doing the climbing. Keep pushing yourself to try new things.
I have finished clearing out your room. Lucky me, I found an old Brownie badge that was hiding; you know how much I enjoyed sewing them on!! Daddy has just pulled your old wardrobe apart and is going to start to decorating your room tonight, so it will be different when you get home.
Love you from mummy, daddy, Lily and Bubbles x



3.00pm 7th March


Poppy (Nott)
I really miss you and I wish you were here. I love you. Are you having fun? I think you are. From Lottie
Hi Pops, I miss you and so does Thunder. From Emily 
It’s great seeing photos of you pops and you look like you’re having a great time with a smile in every one. Keep smiling darling. See you soon. Mummy and Daddy xx


Hi Ethan,
Hope you slept well. It looks like everyone is having a really time xx Hope you enjoy the rest of your day xx
Love always mum, dad and Austin x


Hiya Dyl

So you’ve had a McDonalds and Liddington looks really fun too - Its just not fair because I’m at work and so is your mum. We will make sure you do some ‘proper’ work at the weekend like hoovering and shopping.

I hope all the teachers are climbing around with you?

Also your xbox one is missing you so I am going home later to play fortnite and try to get better than you are

Lots of love






12.45pm 7th March


Hey da_curnow_boi!

Looks like you're having a great time so far. Can't wait to hear all about it. Great to know that you did so well with the room inspection! I'm looking forward to seeing the improvement at home too!

Enjoy the rest of your day. 

Lots of love Mum xxx



Hi Harry, hope you had a goodnight sleep, wow what a great time you been having so far. Grace and I slept in your bed last night as she wanted to be close to you..bless her, she misses you. It seems dad has lost his mind a little with you away, he thought Zac started school at 9.00 ...so he was a little late this morning drop them to school ..lol x
Have a great day today
Love you m,d,z,g



11.00am 7th March


Mr Dye,

(LOL – Be a sport and please make sure that you read this all out loud!!)

We all hope that the kids are behaving themselves and that you are able to get at least a couple of hours sleep each night!

Remember to be really good, wash properly (especially behind your ears!! – remember you are there to set an example), and remember to change your underwear daily (or more frequently if you get stuck up the telegraph pole!!)

Lastly – try not to stuff all of the sweets that you have confiscated!

Keep them all safe and well.

All your friends from Parc Eglos


Hey Keek!

Hope you slept well and had a good hearty breakfast – not just choc croissants! Looks like you have some nice weather up there, still you best be wrapping up warm!!! Teeth cleaned?? Don’t forget you deodorant don’t wanna be smelling whiffy.

We are all missing you, Ava asked where you were this morning when we got out of the car for school!

Love you see you in a few days xxxxx


Hi Joe

OMG!! You got changed! Proud of you son.

Love mum xx


Mia T

Morning Doodles,

I hope you are having a great time and you managed to get some sleep. 

I also hope the sun is out where you all are, so you can really enjoy the activities (and keep warm, I spotted you in a photo last night being the only person without a coat on...yes you were spotted).

Be brave and have a go of everything if you can, and try not to break any bones. 

We all miss you, especially Lilly, she was even looking for you this morning. 

Take lots of photos, cannot wait to see you.

Love mum, dad and Lilly xxx


Hi Curtis
We can see from the photos that you're already having fun filled days.  Carry on enjoying yourself and we're looking forward to hearing all about it at the weekend
Lots of love from Nan and grandad xxx


9.25am 7th March


Hello Sausage!!
I hope you are having a wonderful time. 
If you are struggling with any of the activities or feeling exhausted today, that means you used up too much energy last night staying up late!  Don’t forget to do your meditation! Brush your teeth and keep warm!
Most importantly, for the disco... BE COOL.  Throw some outrageous shapes on the dance floor (including the worm).  The highlight of the pictures should be you and Alex doing the “Robot Dance”. 
Lots of love,
Ps. With great power.....


Hi lolly pop have a great time. Ur teddy can't wait for u to come home.

Beth (your lovely sister)


Good morning Tom W,
Hope you had a good night's sleep. Don't forget your brown inhaler and the spray. Enjoy your breakfast and have a fun day. We miss you. 
Lots of love,
Mummy and Daddy xxxxxxxxxxxx


Morning Honey, 
Hope you've had a great nights sleep!!  I checked on Pepper and I think she's missing you!! But not as much as me!
Have a fab first day, take loads of pics, be brave but most of all enjoy yourself. 
Love you lots like jelly tots, Mum xxx


Morning Isabelle, 
Hope you survived breakfast!!! Haha
I’m sure your having the best time away with your besties, I bet you and Phoebe nattered non stop that whole coach journey!!! Can’t wait to hear all about lots of love, 
Immy Xx


Morning Dylabob!

We hope you are having a great time and had a good sleep last night. The house is very quiet without you here! Have a good day and enjoy all the activities today Dyl! Miss you lots, love Mum, Dad, Pilch, Little Thing, Tiggs, Bloss, Fudge, the fish and of course your Baby Chocolat xxx


Good morning Curtis,

Hope you managed a decent sleep and are ready for more excitement today.

We’ve been keeping up with the photos on the website and you’re all looking great.

It’s strangely quiet here without you and Chester’s been sitting at the bottom of the stairs all evening waiting for you to come home.

Have a fantastic few days and throw yourself into everything on offer. We’re looking forward to hearing about it all when you get back.

All our love, Mum and Dad.x


8.00am messages 7th March

Good Morning Baby (Mia T).

The house was very quiet last night, but I’m guessing it wasn’t where you are?

Hope you had a good evening and have had a good breakfast and are set up for the day today (remember your tablets).

Remember to wash, brush your teeth and change clothes.

A miracle has happened at home – your bedroom has stayed tidy for a full 24 hours!!!! How did that happen??

Have a great day today Chicken, try everything but stay safe – Mum and I will look out for you in Mr Dye’s photos today to make sure you are having a great time.

Love you – can’t wait to see you on Friday and hear all about it.

Mum, Dad, Lilly & Snopdrop!!xx


Hi Mia.S
Hi gorgeous hope you had a great night sleep and didn't keep your friends awake too much by talking in your sleep.
Cooper was on Ross bed all last night and Ross said he had given him extra cuddles.
Enjoy today and hope the sun is shining for you all, don't forget wet clothes in the black bin bag.
Have an amazing day
Love you loads
Mum, dad, Ross and cooper xxxx


Hi Charlie

It looks like you had a good journey up yesterday and are settled in nicely.

We hope the sun is shining for you today and you have tons of fun in all the activities you are going to do.

We're all missing you already (it's very quiet here!) but hope you're having a great time with all your friends. Looking forward to seeing more fab photos later.

Dad said Liverpool are through, 5-0 on aggregate, maybe share that Mr Dye!!

More birthday cards arrived yesterday for you to open when you get here on Friday, can't wait to see you then.

Sending you big hugs from us and the girls

Love from Mum, Dad, Ella and Maya xx


Overnight messages 6th March



Just a message from Gran to say I hope you have a wonderful time and I love you very much, missing you already xx


Hi Ethan x
Hope you have enjoyed your first day xx Have a good night sleep and enjoy tomorrow, night night sweetheart xx love you mum, dad, Austin and Fergie xx


Hi Alex,

Hope you had a great first nights sleep and are in fine form for the days activities ahead (See I told you it's Midnight Feasts galore - just like in Mallory Towers!) Make the most of all of the great opportunities on offer this week Darling, and remember -

PUSH YOURSELF TO THE LIMIT (but remember...you've only got a limited change of wet weather clothes)

CONQUER YOUR FEARS (but if you come home with a love of abseiling and zipwiring - you'll be doing them on your own - they scare me silly!)

TAKE NEW RISKS (But I don't fancy spending hours in fracture clinic...so maybe not too risky, oh and 'trying' the macaroni cheese or the tuna bake for tea doesn't count as risk taking!)

ENCOURAGE EACH OTHER THROUGH CHALLENGING SITUATIONS (but remember Phoebs and Izzy might not like the idea of swimming in a glacial lake), and if Mr Dye gets stuck on his 'Telegraph Pole'  climb just shout and cheer him on... things like 'Age is just a number, you can do it!!' will go down a treat.

DEVELOP INDEPENDENCE...yes you really will have to sort your own clothes out, clear up after yourself, wake up on time....you might even have to help yourself to breakfast!! (......but not so much independence that you won't need your Mummy anymore)

And remember I know all the 'Repeat After Me Songs' from your previous PGL adventures...if you need me to lead any -  Mr Dye can get me on Skype - ''Mush Banana, mush mush banana, poo banana, poo poo banana....''

Have a super time darling, all our love,

Mummy Daddy and Lilia xxxx


8.45pm 6th March

Last set of messages for today, will try and pick up overnight messages in time for Y6 breakfast tomorrow.

Hi Sam

We hope you are having fun on your first day and enjoying all of the new activities! I see from the photos you were enjoying your McDonalds! You will be pleased Dad has replaced your PS4 headset, I will try to stop him playing with Jordan whilst you are away! I bet you are missing the PS4 ha ha!! But you have all of your friends to play with in real time! I hope Kian doesn't keep you awake snoring! We are all missing you! Beth has nabbed your bed and Flora is snuggling up with her! Enjoy the week it looks like there are lots of fun things to do! Can't wait to see you on Friday! Lots of love from Mum, Dad, Beth, Meelie, a sloppy lick from Nancy, a nip on the nose from Flora and a big bop from Alfie! Xxx


Hi Chlo-bo
Hope you are having fun with your friends and enjoyed your cheeseburger at McDonald's.
Enjoy all the activities you do there and I look forward to seeing the photos you take- hopefully they aren't all selfies!!!
Love you and miss you being here. Mummy xx


Hi Rory,

We've sold your XBOX and got £20 for it! Don't worry; we'll give you the cash when you get home. Glad to see you've all arrived safely and are having a great time.

Enjoy your week, we know you will.

By the way, Orla has moved into your room as she's decided it's much nicer than hers.

See you Friday.

Love, Mum, Dad, Orla and Danny x


Hi Mia (Smith)
Hope you’re having a fab time
Lots of love Dad xxx


Hi Phoebs!

Looks like you’re having fun and settling in! Hope you ate lots of healthy vegetables for dinner and have a nice early night ready for your day of activities tomorrow. Elsie’s eating chocolate and staying up late to watch Bake Off - ha! Lots of love  gorgeous girl. Mum, Dad and Elsie xxx

Dear Tom,
Mummy, daddy, nanny & Kevin hope you're having a fab time.
We're missing you lots. Have fun and stay safe,
Lots of kisses and a huge hug from all of us!!


Mia T, Glad to see you got there safe and have seen the photo of you on the top bunk. Can't believe how quiet it is here without you! Lilly is really sad and missing not having her big sister to wind up. I just found Snowdrop in tears in your room, so me and mum will look after him tonight. Have a good evening, and try to get some sleep and don't sit up talking with Livvy all night. Love you, from Mum, Dad, Lilly and Snowdrop.


Hi every one hope you are all having a good time here is a joke: "why don’t you take the bus?” because I don’t have a drivers license for the bus.

from Charlie


6.15pm 6th March

Hi Ethan,

Glad you arrived safely and settling in xx Austin said to tell you that he will enjoy going on your phone, iPad etc while your away xx Enjoy this evening and I hope there is enough food for you.

Sending lots of kisses, love you lots mum, dad and Fergie xx


Hi Mia. S

Just got home and the house and Ross are very quiet without you, cooper is also missing and looking for you but don't worry Ross is given him loads of hugs.

Have a fantastic time and take loads of photos so dad and me can see them when you get back.

We are all missing you and can't wait to see you on Friday Lots of love Mum, Dad,Ross and cooper xx PS don't forget to brush your hair


Hi Harry

Saw you were enjoying the stop at McDonald's, bless her Grace was asking if we could have 1 too so Zac and her have had a improvised McDonald tea at home.

Have a great time with your friends, stay safe and warm.

Seems super quiet without you..

Love Mum, Dad, Zac and Grace


Hey Ells.

Looks like you enjoyed your lunch at McDonald's! Glad to hear you all arrived safe and well.

It's very quiet at home, Lola keeps looking at the door waiting for you and Jowan''s missing you already!

Hope you enjoy every minute of it you so deserve it.

love you loads always Mum, Dad, Jowans and Lol xxxx


Hi lolly pops have an amazing time at liddington try and have a go at everything. Love you loads love daddy and claire. Xx


Hi Harrison....

Hope that you have great fun on the trip, I look forward to hearing all about it.

Take care, love mum. Xxx


3.50pm 6th March

Hey Honey
Hope you are having a great time so far!! It is sooo quite here with out you. I've checked on Rosie and Bongo and they're missing you too xxx

Hey Pops,
Missing you already darling. I think Thunder is too as he hasn’t left your bed all day! Have the best time on your trip and can’t wait to see the photos on Friday (if you remember to take any)
Love you X X

2.15pm 6th March

Hi Mia T.

Make sure you behave yourself at Liddington but also make sure that you have an amazing time and that you come back in one piece.

The house is gonna be soooooo quiet without you and I know we will all miss you loads.

Have fun and try not to break anything (arms legs etc..)

Love Mum, Dad and Doris xx


Hi Tay. I have seen some of the pictures of u in Maccy d's. I'm happy that you are eating and looking well. Travel sickness tablets must have worked. Love you loads. Hope you have an amazing time. Lots of love mum, dad, izzi, James, Harry and George xxxx


1.15pm 6th March

Hi Joe
I thought I'd sent you a great big virtual kiss as you didn't seem to have time this morning!
I'm sure it's going to be super quiet at home this week since our fog horn has gone to Liddington, I'm sure your brothers will enjoy your Xbox too!  Have a fab time dude, love you lots, Mum and Dad xxx
P.S I put some bin liners in your bag for wet clothes but I forgot to tell you, oh and I've weighed your toothpaste so I'll KNOW!!!!


11.00am 6th March

Hey Ki Ki missing you already! Hope you have the best time with your best friends!

Please can you change your pants this time and brush your teeth though – Sam can you remind him please?!

See you soon pumpkin!!

Lots of love mummy!! xxx


Isabelle G

Hope you have a great time away Isabelle with your yr 6 friends. Take care of yourself and see you when back.
Love you so much Mum & Dad