West Cornwall Teaching School

The West Cornwall teaching school has a new home on the web at www.wcts.education , it's still a work in progress but we hope you like how the new site is shaping up.
       Brett Dye                                                         Katie Cotterill
Head of the Teaching School                                   Teaching School Lead
Naomi Tostdevine                                                     Maria Collins
Teaching School Head of Admin                           Teaching School Finance Officer

We are the West Cornwall Teaching School. We share our skills (and skills of those around us), experience, talent and capacity to help improve learning and achievement in schools across West Cornwall and further afield. Teaching schools are outstanding schools who serve as the ‘Lead School’ to deliver continuous improvement. This is achieved under the ‘Big Six’ framework set out below.

Parc Eglos was granted Teaching School status in 2014. This followed many years of building links with other schools, including working in partnership with the Helston and Lizard Co-operative Trust. We have created a partnership alongside our Strategic Partners, The Learning Institute South West, who help with the delivery of particular aspects of the Teaching School framework.

The power of collaboration is at the heart of our work, we are driven to bring about continuous school improvement in our local schools and to work together to raise standards of staff and attainment of pupils.