School Library

The library loans/reminders procedure is as follows:

  • Children usually visit the library, during class time, to borrow a book once a week. If they wish, they can renew books they have already borrowed at this time.
  • Books are loaned for two weeks. It is the child's responsibility to look after the book and ensure it is returned to the library.
  • One book is issued per child (unless otherwise agreed by the teacher).
  • When a book comes back into the library it is scanned in (i.e. returned on the library system) before going back on the shelf. 
  • A reminder is issued when a book becomes overdue, i.e. it has been on loan for more than two weeks.
  • Reminders go out half-termly.
  • When a book has been overdue for 60 days or more, we do ask for a contribution of £2.50 to be paid toward the cost of replacing the book.
  • When the £2.50 contribution is made, the book is removed from the pupil’s library account.
  • If the book is later found, the £2.50 can be reimbursed.