School Emergency Closure

School Emergency Closure

Parents trust schools to keep their children safe both in school and when learning outside the classroom. Thanks to the efforts of school staff and governors, schools normally remain a safe haven for children, however schools could become involved in an emergency at any time.

The Department for Education (DfE) recommend that schools have emergency plans in place. Planning and preparing for emergencies can save lives. These actions can also help prevent an incident from worsening, protect against litigation and enhance the schools standing as a safe place to learn and work, giving confidence to staff, parents and pupils.

Parc Eglos School is committed to ensuring that, in the event of an emergency incident affecting the school, the school will provide an effective response, working with the Emergency Services, Local Education Authority and council Emergency Management Unit to minimise the impact of the emergency on the school and the community as a whole.

An emergency incident can be clarified as an unexpected event which affects the school community, and which causes disruption on a scale which is beyond the normal coping capability of the school. The emergency incident may involve significant threat, damage, or injury to property and individuals, and may have long term impacts on pupils, staff, governors and parents.

The following are examples of emergency incidents which may impact on the school and necessitate activation of the emergency plan.


  • A fire within the school or nearby premises
  • A serious accident involving children and/or school personnel, on/ off site
  • Death of a pupil or member of staff
  • Kidnap or disappearance of a pupil
  • A terrorist attack, or violent intruder on or nearby school premises
  • Chemical or toxic substance release on or off site
  • An epidemic such as meningitis
  • Severe weather events such as snow, high winds, extreme storms etc.
  • Pandemic flu
We recognise that the decision to close a school in the event of an emergency (e.g. snow, flooding, no water or heating) significantly impacts upon you, as parents / carers.
The guide below outlines the agreed procedure which all schools are asked to follow and offers advice to parents / carers on the key things to consider, both before and after the decision to close has been made.