Pupil of the Week 4th October 2021

4th October 2021

Pupil of the Week Monday 4th October 2021



Stephanie for her increasing confidence around the classroom

Rowan and Poppy for their friendliness towards others


2 HE

Ben and Luke - for their diligence over the past week. Both boys have been trying so hard to focus more in class and think about what they need to do to further their learning. Superb helpfulness and I am so pleased with their positive choices. Keep it up boys!

Henry - for his helpfulness. I can always rely on Henry to notice jobs that need doing around the classroom and he is often picking up on things that need doing to help, without even being asked. What a super star!

Elliot - for his focus and attention. Elliot has turned into a "sensible 7" this week and it a pleasure having him in my class. Well done Elliot!


2 NE

Ivy, Harry and Brody for consistently showing respect to everyone and everything. 

Lillian for her determination and diligence in phonics. 



Millie - Outstanding kindness from Millie last week. We have had a new member join our class and Millie took it upon herself to go home and produce a gorgeous card with a very welcoming message to enable the new pupil to feel welcome. Thank you for going out of your way to show true kindness Millie!


Vincent - Outstanding kindness form Vincent. During early morning work I asked another child to answer a question, the child was unsure of the answer so Vincent took it upon himself to help the individual. He used tremendous patience, time and showed real qualities of a teacher. Thank you for taking the time to support others and go out of your way to help. 



Kensa - For working hard in all areas of her schooling, well done.

Emilia - Excellent work on your multiplication tables.