Pupil of the Week 30th September 2022

30th September 2022

Pupil of the Week 30th September 2022


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Louis G for practising the virtue of Enthusiasm - Louis was so interested and animated during our Science lesson about the different animal groups and had his hand up to contribute nearly the whole time!! He was able to recall lots of information about the different animals and explain why they were grouped together. Well done, Louis - you are a Super Scientist!


Harry F for practising the virtue of Perseverance - We have been writing about penguins in our Literacy lessons this week and, even though he found this challenging, Harry didn't give up and worked extremely hard to produce two lovely sentences. He remembered to use a capital letter and a full stop, he used finger spaces between his words, he segmented the words he wanted to write and he was determined to keep his writing neat. Well done, Harry - you are a Wonderful Writer!


Reader of the Week -Poppy F has worked really hard this week with her reading and absolutely blew my socks off with her amazing expression!!


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Paisley - Enthusiasm and Confidence.    Paisley has demonstrated her confidence during guided reading sessions this week. She read her book with automaticity and used her voice expressively to tell the story.  During our discussions in Literacy, Maths and RE, Paisley always puts up her hand to share her ideas with the class. She participates fully in all areas of her learning, and always with a smile on her face. 

Cody – Determination and Politeness- We would like to thank Cody for showing great determination when working with adults. He works hard to complete his tasks and it is always a pleasure to work with him. We would also like to celebrate Cody’s politeness, he has such lovely manners, thank you!

Reader of the week- Grace- Super effort during guided reading sessions, Grace became more confident and by the end of the week she was reading her book fluently. Well done!



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Georgia and Isaac are learners of the week for responsibility.  This week we have noticed how hard both of them are trying with their learning.  They know to succeed takes work and their hard work is starting to pay off.  Well done, keep it up.


Florence is learner of the week for her diligence.  Every day she tries her hardest and is constantly eager to answer questions and show off what she has learnt. Well done Florence.

George is learner of the week for the courage and resilience he has shown this week whilst his mum has been poorly.  George you’ve been a star!



Lucy WH for always being well mannered, working hard, being focused and following the SHAPE rules at all times. Lucy is keen to show her best work and always wants to learn - well done!

Ethan whilst working with Mrs Goldsworthy this week on his literacy, shared his fantastic ideas. We would love to see Ethan now starting to show his independence and his super star independent work.


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Anna for diligence and readiness. There are so many qualities I could pick for Anna but this week these are the two that really shone. She is always one of the first ready and is able to follow all instructions independently and accurately with maturity. She Is always considerate of her peers and tries hard to support those around her in making good choices. What an excellent role model, thank-you Anna.


Amelia for responsibility and excellent presentation skills. It is always a delight to look at Amelia’s work as she sets herself such high standards in all of her work across the curriculum. Thank-you for always making good choices Amelia.


Ava for politeness. Ava is another one of those children who is always making good choices and setting a good example to her peers. It has been commented on by many staff this week how polite she is and how she is a good listener. Thank-you Ava.


Reader of the week – Imogen for her keenness to read in school each morning. Keep it up at home too!