Pupil of the Week 16th September 2022

16th September 2022

Pupils of the Week 16th September 2022



Brody – Enthusiasm

We have been delighted by Brody’s enthusiasm this week: he has impressed us all during phonics and guided activities, super focus and attention.  Well done, Brody!

Ella – Resilience

Thank you to Ella for showing great resilience this week.  Ella has enjoyed being in her new classroom and getting to know the new adults that she will be working with.  Well done, Ella!

2 NE

Harry C, Holly and Lillie are the Butterflies learners of the week for their joyfulness and responsibility. They approach each task with enthusiasm and are always making the right choices during learning and play times. Their smiles are infectious, and they make our classroom an enjoyable place to be. Thank you, Harry, Lillie and Holly, keep up the great work!! 


Millie E - for always working hard, being focused, polite and calmly getting involved in class discussions. We can see that Millie is a member of the class who always follows the school rules. Well done Millie, you have been a joy to have in class.


Josh - We have been really impressed with you during Maths this week, whilst you showed great determination, focus and took on advice to improve. What a great attitude as a mathematician. Keep this up Josh!


4 SC

Pupils of the Week:  Thomas S & Stanley – for being so focused and thoughtful this week in our lessons.  Both boys have shown such a mature approach to their learning this week and completed their work quietly and diligently.  They have been such great role models!


Special Mention: George – for showing enormous enthusiasm in our lessons and always having his hand up to share ideas and knowledge.


Rainbow Reader: Sam S – for showing such a great love of reading – he always has his head in a book!


5 CW

James for enthusiasm and readiness. James is always ready to learn and tries his best. He has really impressed me with his maths in particular this week. He had a fantastic run during our class shoot out game and approaches all tasks with such enthusiasm it really is such a delight to see! What a fantastic attitude to learning.

Olivia for responsibility and readiness. Olivia is always doing the right thing and one of the first ready every lesson. She is thoughtful and keen to help in any way, often thinking of tasks before they arise! She is a great role model to her peers. Well done Olivia!


Reader of the week:  Jack P for his enthusiasm. He missed guided reading on Monday but has eagerly been reading his groups’ book to catch up at any chance given!