Pupil of the Week 13.03.2020

13th March 2020

Year 3

Grace- whilst on our river trip Grace was in pain with her knee but not once did she complain. She kept a smile on her face and continued to persever until the end. Grace is also someone we can rely on in class with always sharing a smile and works extremely hard.

Ellie is a quiet but hard working member of the class. Even when learning is tough Ellie never gives up and looks to find ways to get herself nstuck. Ellie always displays her best work and always behaves exceptionally well. This has not gone unoticed Ellie. Keep up the good work.


Year 5

Jasmin and Olly C - Wow, what a difference from the beginning of Year 5.  You are now both producting much more work which is wonderful.  The work that you are producing is of a much higher standerd.  You are making much more effort to improve your vocabulary choices.  You are also spending time editing your work, trying to improve spelling mistakes and missing punctuation.  Well done!

Special Mention

Alyssa - wonderful Independent writing, full of wonderful vocabulary, detail and challenging punctuation.