Pupil of the Week 22nd October 2021

22nd October 2021

Pupil of the Week 22nd October 2021



Ethan - caring and collaborative 

Ethan is such a caring and kind boy to all his friends, as well as the grown-ups! He always plays and works with others in such a wonderfully collaborate way. Well done Ethan!

Livvy - resilience 

Livvy has shown fabulous resilience this week in her phonics learning. We are so proud of the way she has been joining in and she has kept trying. Well done Livvy, keep it up! 



Dolphins LOW are Callum and Mia for their excellent behaviour and attitude during our trip this morning to CAST.  The children really enjoyed themselves and it was lovely to see their smiley faces during the colour activities.


2 HE

Millie E and Elsie - both girls have been chosen this week for their diligence and respect. They are always doing what is asked of them, making the right choices, and setting a high example to their peers of how to behave in the classroom. Both girls are very creative and work hard to ensure that their work is neat and thoughtful. Keep it up girls.