7th October 2022

2nd October 2022

Pupils of the Week Friday 7th October 2022




Edward - Diligence and Responsibility. Edward has impressed us this week with his readiness to learn. His Literacy writing about ‘Penguins’ has been celebrated on our ‘Super Sentence’ wall, and he has been given the role of class librarian too. We are so proud of his achievements this week. 

Freya– Creativity-We are delighted by Freya’s creativity; she is always very keen to complete her learning tasks, and recently we have seen her super artistic skills. Freya shows great pride in her work, well done!  



Reader of the week- Robyn- We would like to thank Robyn for her effort during guided reading sessions this week; she is reading with increased fluency and expression, well done!


2 NE

Ruben is learner of the week for his respect and responsibility. This week, Ruben has been respectful to everyone and has realised that he is responsible for his learning. His determination to do well in lessons has blown me away this week and I couldn't be prouder of him. Well done Ruben, keep it up!

Harry P is learner of the week for his determination in Phonics this week. He has been concentrating and trying really hard to do his very best. Well done Harry, you've been a superstar!

Hugo is learner of the week for his orderliness and commitment to his learning. This week, the children did an independent write and Hugo blew me away with how neat his writing was and how amazing his sentences were. Well done Hugo!

Special mention for Holly as she had some sad news in the week and I am really impressed with the resilience she has shown to still come in to school and do her very best.

Another special mention for Kyra who is trying really hard to keep her focus and concentration Keep it up Kyra!

Logan is reader of the week for his amazing progress over the past few weeks. Well done Logan.



Asaan for always working hard in all lessons, he perseveres with his listening and always gets immersed in his learning -well done!  We are also very impressed with the presentation of his work; it is of a high standard and it's great to see that he takes pride in his work. 


Millie H has stepped her learning up this week. She is so focused and starts a task straight away in our early morning work.  Millie finds strategies to get herself unstuck including asking for help. This week Millie has also been very honest and talked about how she finds her learning and how she wants to improve. Very impressive. 


5 CW

Ash K and Ashley F – diligence and independent learning. Ash and Ashley have been absolute TTRS superstars at home and really are at the forefront of our class boys vs girls competition we have running, diligently completing more challenges at home to move their teams forward. It’s close!

Sebastian R – resilience. Sebastian was unfortunately poorly at the start of the week but has not let this phase him and has been diligently ensuring he is up to date and trying his best in all areas of the curriculum, joining in fantastically. What a brilliant attitude Sebastian.

Readers of the week – Abigail and Lilly – who have been sharing their passion for reading with the class and taking responsibility for our class bookshelves.