13th May 2022

13th May 2022

Pupil of the Week 13th May 2022


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Readers of the Week- Florence & Neve 

Thank you to Florence and Neve for the super effort they have shown with reading. We are very proud of your both, well done! 

Aspirational- Hugo, Holly & Caitlyn  

We would like to say a huge well done to the children for the commitment and care that they have shown when writing stories. We can see that each person has work hard to improve their writing and we are delighted by the quality of their work. We are very proud of you, thank you for your efforts.  

 We would like to say thank you to all of the Seahorses for the effort that they are showing when learning their spellings, we are very impressed. Keep practising! 



Leo for enthusiasm in History and RE. Leo has been thriving in our current units and is wowing us with facts every day. He is a fountain of knowledge and thinks carefully how he can compare or re-enact things that happened a long time ago. For instance, he enjoyed using a stone as a flint on Wednesday to try to make tools and engaged brilliantly whilst using natural materials to make a stone age style paintbrush, paint and painting. Well done for such a positive attitude.

Kensa for resilience. Kensa has been trying really hard this week and, even when faced with challenges, hasn’t given up. She has been working hard in maths to try to grasp some really tricky concepts and has kept going. Great determination.

Reader of the week –

Maya – has tried really hard to join in and read our class VIPERs texts this week and has tackled some really challenging vocabulary. Well done.