Learners of week ending 20th April


Neve and Michael: Both of these children have shown a positive attitude towards all areas of their learning.

Michael is always polite and displays good manners (always saying please and thank you), making it a pleasure to teach him. 

Neve, this week, has had the courage to work through any challenges she may face with the subject matter to get to the right answer.

Well done to the both of them!

Special Mention

Zara - for always engaging positively in her learning (even if she finds it a little difficult) and showing kindness to not only her other peers but the adults in the class. She always wants to help and is on hand with a smile.



Elsie – Elsie always works to the best of her ability. Not only that, she goes beyond what is asked of her as she wants to progress her own learning.

Aaron – whilst working on co-ordinates this week Aaron worked really hard. You showed great attention to detail, and took great care when plotting co-ordinates. Well done Aaron, keep up the hard work.

Special Mentions

All those who went kayaking yesterday. You all demonstrated resilience and determination. It was great fun, but hard work. Well done to all those who went.



Lily - for showing the virtues of kindness and care this week. Lily has been a great help supporting our new member of the class, Summer. Lily has taken it upon herself to make sure Summer is settled, knows where things are, what to do at lunchtime etc. I’ve been so proud watching Lily display all of the virtues we constantly talk about in our class. 

Charlotte - for showing the virtue of determination. Over the Easter holidays it is clear that Charlotte has been working hard on her Maths at home. She was given a few things by Miss Richards to focus on and there has been a marked improvement in Charlotte’s skill, showing real dedication. Charlotte also stayed after school and helped her Mum to develop
our outdoor area. We are very grateful to them both. 

Special Mention

Summer - for settling so well into her first week at school. Summer has made new friends, shown confidence in her work and isn’t afraid to ask for help when she is unsure. I am sure Summer is going to love being at Parc Eglos. 



Ethan - I was absolutely amazed at Ethan's story this week.  It wasn't very long and he really had only just started, but it was really super.  He had remembered lots of our sparkly language, used time connectives and adjectives really well and even managed an exclamation mark.  I was really proud of his diligence and am very pleased with how much more confident he is becoming.

Bella - I could choose Bella every week for many many virtues - diligence, confidence, kindness to name a few.  But what I really notice about Bella is just how polite and thankful she is.  She is always the first to remember to use her manners, and often reminds the children that they need to use theirs too.  She is a super star learner and a wonderful member of the class.



Summer - has shown amazing courage this week following some sad news. She has come into school every day with a smile like normal, ready to start her day. Well done Summer for being so brave.

Aiva - has been practising the virtue of determination this week. She has been trying so hard with her phonics, reading and writing both at home and at school because she wants to do her best. Keep it up Aiva.

Matilda - has returned from the Easter holidays so focussed on her learning. She has shown huge commitment in trying to read more at home, trying to write more and really concentrating in phonics. Well done Matilda, keep it up.



Oliver K - We are very impressed by Oliver’s determination to solve the challenges that have been presented to him within his number work. He has shown great effort, thinking for extended periods of time in order to offer clear and concise explanations. Super attitude to learning, well done
Isobel PIsobel has shown great confidence this week. She has shown super listening skills during whole class gathering times. Her answers to questions have demonstrated a good level of understanding and she explained her ideas clearly. We are very proud of Isobel.



Daisy - for the virtue of reliability - I can always rely on Daisy because she is very helpful and sensible, she is always doing what she has been asked to do and smiling too! Daisy is a wonderful member of the class. 

Noel - for the virtue of perseverance - Noel wrote some amazing sentences about Peter Rabbit this week, he was able to use some tricky words and thought of some great ideas. Well done Noel, fantastic effort.