Learners of the week ending 23rd February


Erin – I am so impressed with Erin’s attitude and efforts with her learning.  She consistently tries so hard with all her work, even the things she finds really tricky.  She also did some super, extra research at home about the Ancient Maya this week, which she presented beautifully on a Word document with pictures. Well done Erin!

James – I have been delighted with James’s attitude and efforts in class recently.  He is starting to show such a responsible and mature approach to his learning.  He is always one of the first to be ready to start and is making much more use of the learning time he has available in class.  Keep it up James!

 Special Mentions:

Rosie – Rosie is always such a kind and thoughtful person. Twice this week I have noticed her helping someone with something that she realised they may find tricky, without being asked by anyone.  It’s great to have people like this in our class.

Henry – Henry kindly brought in some fascinating photos and artefacts about the Amazon rainforest that his Grandad had sent him.  He shared them with the class, explaining confidently what they all were and what the photos were showing.  We were all so interested!

Daniela – Daniela has also done lots of fantastic, extra research about the Ancient Maya this week.  She found so many interesting facts that she shared with the class. 

Aaron - I have been really pleased to hear about the great choices that Aaron is continuing to make at playtimes.  He is trying so hard to avoid situations where problems can arise, which shows a really mature and responsible attitude.  Keep it up Aaron!



Cameron – Cameron should be recognised for his hard working attitude which he particularly demonstrates in maths lessons. He always works to the best of his ability and really listens to the teacher he is working with, taking on suggestions and listening to advice. Well done Cameron.

Rhys – Huge congratulations go to Rhys, who on the last Friday before the half term holiday achieved full marks in his times tables test AND his spelling test. This is a brilliant achievement Rhys, it just shows how much potential you really have. Please keep up this hard working attitude.

Jacob – Jacob is standing up here because he has achieved his Purple Reading Band, 95 reads! This is a fantastic achievement, well done Jacob, we’re very proud of you.



Ruben - for showing the virtue of kindness this week. Ruben has been keeping a close eye out around the classroom for where he can show kindness to others. He has shown very thoughtful and kind gestures towards his friends by doing things such as holding the door open, tucking in their chair and tidying away their resources. I am so thrilled to see this behaviour happening naturally for Ruben, he does not have to think abut being kind. It is flowing in his veins. 

William - for showing the virtue of determination this week in terms of his learning and progress. William has taken on board so many of the elements of feedback we have given him and I am thrilled to see his hand up more often on the carpet. I can see that his confidence is growing through this determination, especially with the subtraction we have done this week. Keep it up William!



Emelia - for showing kindness to her friends. Well done Emelia, keep it up.

Phoebe - for co-operation during group work time. Well done Phoebe and thank you for being a good shoulder partner.



Eadie - for practising the virtue of commitment. Eadie has made a fantastic start to the new term and was the first to reach number 5 on our rocket this week. She has been putting in so much effort in all of her learning and is sharing her ideas more frequently with the class. She is always making sure she is making good choices and setting a good example to others. Well done!