Learners of the Week ending 9th November


Louis and Tom -  On our trip to Truro Museum on Thursday both Louis and Tom were utterly fascinated by everything they saw.  Not only were they fully immersed in the WW2 evacuee workshops, but also in all the other areas of the museum too.  They look really closely at the different artifacts, asked questions about different pieces and showed a real keenness to find out more about the past.  Louis even said "I love this kind of learning.!"  It was a real pleasure to have Louis and Tom in my group (Mrs Dyer's) and I thank them for sharing their enthusiasm with the others.

William, Harry and Noah - These 3 boys amazed Mrs Dyer with their wonderful maths problem solving this week.  They worked incredibly hard together for quite a long period of time, challenging their ideas and thinking. They came up with their own unique but successful method of working and each could explain what they had done and why.  A real team effort with a fantastic result.  Well done boys.



Ollie H - for practising the virtue of perseverance. I've been so impressed with how determined Ollie is to improve his handwriting. He has persevered with it and is now joining his letters successfully during handwriting lessons, well done Ollie, keep it up.

Ellie - for her enthusiasm this week, she has enjoyed every single lessons and has always done her very best. I'm so proud of you for working so hard and for approaching every task with joy and enthusiasm.

Max -  for his diligence this week. He puts 100% into every thing he does and is a role model to others in his determination to do his best. Well done Max, keep it up!



Gracie & IsabelThe girls showed great determination when completing a maths task. They worked together to create many different potions; they were able to choose different ingredients that total 10ml. The girls were able to tell us what would happen if you drank their potions. We particularly liked their snake dancing potion. Fantastic team work girls, well done!

Alby & ElijahThe boys showed great enthusiasm and commitment when working together to solve a maths task. The boys had to work out how many different outfits a teddy bear could wear. We were very impressed by the way they used multilink cubes to work out the different possibilities and then they recorded their ideas independently. Thank you for your efforts boys, well done.