Learners of the Week ending 8th March


Emma - Emma has shown excellent determination for a number of weeks now with her writing and her maths. She is resilient, kind and hard working- never giving up when she finds something difficult. This was shown particularly during Math’s week when using Tangrams to create different images. She was one of the first people to finish and showed such pride in her achievement. Mrs Cotteril and Miss Steele want to congratulate her on this and encourage her to keep it up. 

Aston - Aston is another child who has worked hard during Math’s week. He has worked hard on his number bonds and is getting there, but this week specifically, has played an active part in working with his partner to solve the problems set. He is a valued member of our class and we want him to keep up the hard work- you can do it!



Benji – Benji joined us in Year 3 after the half-term holiday and I cannot praise him enough for how well he has settled into Parc Eglos. He has made an abundance of friends already, is joining in our lessons with enthusiasm and showing us what a conscientious young man he is. A real pleasure to have in the Penguins class. 

Izzy – It has been lovely to see Izzy’s confidence blossom this week in her Literacy work. She really has put her thinking brain on this week and focused hard on the task at hand. She was even able to think of better adjectives and verbs than Mrs Dyer suggested! Well done Izzy. 



Amazing Mathematicians in this week’s PotWs:

Heidi, Olivia and Tommy – For their perseverance with the pyramid number challenge. Heidi, Olivia and Tommy worked all morning, trying out different combinations of numbers. They didn’t give up!

Maya – Maya was amazing at working out the Egyptian number system, she worked hard and devised a super systematic way of working. Super focus and great problem-solving Maya.

Lewis – Incredible with fractions. Really persevered!

Zack B – Always had working, polite and focussed. Zach does his best in all lessons and takes real pride in his work. He was amazing at the Egyptian rope challenge.



Max – For his diligence in everything he does. Whatever task I give him, he always gives 100% effort, his handwriting is beautiful, he’s challenging himself in Maths and always listens to feedback to improve. Keep it up Max!