Learners of the Week ending 7th June

Evan - Over the last few weeks Evan has been working super hard in all areas of the curriculum and we couldn't be more proud. Over the half term holiday he prepared some well thought through planning for his Independent Writing, we can't wait to read your non-chronological report! Evan seems more focused on his studies which is a pleasure to see. Keep up the hard work.

Hazel - Hazel is a joy to teach and a valued member of the class. It has been a real treat to watch Hazel come out of her shell more and more every day. We are all incredibly proud of how you have approached your presentation homework and how you trow yourself in to every opportunity that arises. You are hard working in the classroom and a great friend to everyone in our class. Keep doing what you're doing Hazel, well done.

Special Mention

Lidia - After looking at your last piece of independent writing we just wanted to say well done and keep up the hard work, you're doing a great job.

Ross - For being a total star, always trying your best with a smile on your face. You're doing a brilliant job, well done.



Jacob – has tried much harder this week to produce a greater quantity of work and focus on his learning. He has shown persistence when he has found things a bit challenging and a greater sense of responsibility. Well done Jacob.

Oliver W – has produced some fantastic writing this week in literacy. His paragraph based on ‘How to train your dragon’ was full of suspense and really engaging for the listener. Oliver always listens carefully to instructions and thinks carefully about how to include all of the key features in his writing to make it the best he can. He is creative, committed and modest in his work; it is always a real delight to read! Thank-you Oliver.

Special mention – to the whole class for a fantastic camp before half term.


Charlie Ha - Charlie has had a really great week this week. He has been much more focused and engaged in our learning. He took the art challenge on this week and was of the most independent children in the class at doing his printing. It has also been really lovely to have seen more happiness and laughter from Charlie this week.  Keep it up Charlie.

Charlotte - Charlotte is always a hard worker. She is always doing what needs doing, listening carefully to instructions, and is always impeccably behaved. Not only does she work hard in school and faces all her challenges in learning head on, she also does vast amounts of work at home too. Her wire chicken was just amazing. Well done Charlotte.



Riley - In all lessons Riley tries extremely hard and this has been really noticeable in maths. Real perseverance is shown by Riley and he is always willing to give learning ago. Riley is also a friendly member of the class who is always polite and friendly to all. Well oden Riley.

Marley - Mrs Goldsworthy has been really impressed with your maths reasoning skills this week. You have shared some great explanations to the class why an answer must be correct or incorrect and used appropriate vocabulary. We also want to mention you this week as it has been lovely to see you getting so engrossed in a conversation with a peer with regards to your literacy learning. 

Heidi - during maths this week you have shown a real skill of supporting others during the lesson and coaching them through some maths problems. You were being an outstanding teacher by showing time, patience, detailed explanation but not giving the answer.



Matilda - for showing the virtue of diligence this week. Matilda has been very focused on every aspect of her learning this week and has clearly put in 100% effort throughout each and every activity. Her writing, maths and reading have been superb this week and she is really shining as a hard working Dragonfly. 

Lewis - for showing the virtue of concentration this week. I have noticed that Lewis has been much less fidgety and distracted this week. He also tried incredibly hard with his Literacy yesterday and his handwriting was incredible, showing a great deal of concentration and focus. Keep it up Lewis. 



Ellie, Johan, Eloise and Olivia are all my learners of the week for practising the virtue of diligence.

Over the past few weeks I have seen how determined they are to improve their reading skills and particularly this week I have been so impressed with their confidence and hard work. Well done, keep it up!




Jessica showed lots of courage this week. During a whole class gathering time activity, Jessica asked for help to clarify her understanding of a maths task. Jessica went on to complete the task and felt really positive about herself, well done! 

Leila and Isabel -  Positivity and Enthusiasm 

Both girls have shown super effort with their number work and have produced a super piece of work, which showed their understanding of multiplication. They were able to make a connection between the arrays they had drawn and their number sentence to show their understanding in another way. Very impressed girls, well done!