Learners of the Week ending 5th October


India - for showing the virtue of diligence this week. India has been trying really hard with her listening and concentration. She worked amazingly well in Maths on Wednesday and blew us all away with her thinking. Her behaviour in the church was fab! Keep up the hard work India. 

Corey R - for showing the virtue of respect. Corey can always be relied upon to be doing the right thing at the right time. He is respectful of the rules and shows great attention to the grown ups who are speaking when on the carpet or working at his table. A real pleasure to have in our class. 

Tori and Riley - for both showing the virtues of courage and confidence this week during our Harvest festival. They both volunteered for speaking parts and, despite being a little nervous, did a superb job. I am very proud of their courage to tackle a new challenge now they are in Year 2.

Special mention for Cruz - he has tried so hard with his listening and attention. Cruz is really practising his virtue of enthusiasm. Well done Cruz. 



Elijah - impressed us last week during guided reading, he put a lot of effort into remaining focused and attentive during the session and was able to read the text more confidently. Well done!

Poppy - Super effort during guided reading, Poppy read enthusiastically taking notice of the punctuation to help her read with great expression. Well done!