Learners of the Week ending 5th April


Luka - Congratulations on a wonderful first week at Parc Eglos. You have settled in really well, it's like you've always been with us!

Teegan - Well done for a wonderful week of maths Teegan. I have been blown away with how hard you have worked on your bus stop division with remainders - you've done a brilliant job, well done.

Special Mentions

Megan - You have had some time off this with an ear infection but you have come back and just got on with things, you have worked so hard to catch up - well done!

James - For being a great buddy to Luka in his first week. You have really helped him to settle in very quickly, good job.



Libby - Libby is a super member of the class who always puts in the highest level of effort. She is consistently working hard and practising many of the virtues. Libby's resilience is really developing and she is becoming more and more confident in a wide range of situations. I am impressed with Libby’s participation in lessons, her contributions are highly valued. She is always thoughtful, kind and respectful. A real asset to the class! 

Austin - Austin has had a great week showing perseverance, particularly with his maths. He is always eager to share his ideas within class, showing great enthusiasm and confidence. When working on converting measurements this week, Austin has shown determination to complete the task to the best of his ability. Keep it up!

Special mentions for Adam and Anya - These two quieter members of the class always set a good example to others in their attitude to learning. They are both helpful, kind and happy and it is a pleasure to teach them. 



Skyla - we have noticed you are trying so hard with your writing during literacy this week. WE can see you are trying really hard in writing in full sentences and can see real perseverance and good choices being made with your learning. Keep this up Skyla!

Erin - Working hard on getting as much work done in the time given and really trying hard to complete all work. Erin always tries her best and is always a polite kind and caring member of the class. Erin always comes to school with a positive attitude and always willing to work with others and support others in their learning.

Chloe - Working extremely hard with your writing and phonics. We also spotted Chloe working with her Flora day partner in a exceptional way. She was being helpful, caring, positive and helping to teach her partner who has never done the dance before. Chloe you were a natural teacher!



Harry, Finley and William - As a group of boys, who all sit together (a recipe for disaster with some boys!) you simply cannot fault their enthusiasm and conscientiousness in class.  They are always sitting and listening carefully on the carpet, and work like superstars  back at their tables.  I have particularly noticed that both Harry and Finley's handwriting / presentation has come on in leaps and bounds over the last few weeks, with both boys being so careful in all they do.  William has impressed us all with his maths, and it has been so lovely to see his confidence blossoming and his verbal reasoning skills improve so much.  All three have made great progress this year already. A super set of boys to have in the class, well done.



Corey M – For showing the virtue of enthusiasm during our trip to Flambards Victorian Village, Corey was very sensible in his group, followed instructions but was also very knowledgeable when answering the quiz questions. Corey was very enthusiastic about what we were looking at and shared his thinking with the rest of his group.

Leo – For showing the virtue of commitment. Leo really worked hard on this virtue this week in preparation for our Spring Music Festival. He gave it one hundred percent on the day and we are thankful for the way he committed to the Dragonfly team.



Grace – For practising the virtue of diligence. She has been so focused on improving her literacy and her handwriting that they are both going from strength to strength. Well done Grace, keep it up!

Oliver – For practising the virtue of responsibility for his own learning. He has been working extremely hard on improving his concentration and his work and will often choose to work independently to avoid distractions. Well done Oliver, keep it up.