Learners of the Week ending 3rd May


Louis and Tom - Both boys had some tricky decision making this week over our Rugby team, these two talked it out in a sensible and mature fashion, well done boys.



Elsie - Exceptionally caring to adults in the classroom and looking out for us. You have made us smile so many times this week. Elsie you have also been working extremely hard with regards to how much you can produce during learning time. Keep this up Elsie.

Chloe - so kind, caring and helpful towards the adults in the class. Chloe we have also seen you really persevering with your maths this week and taken your learning home to help develop your mathematical skills.

Charlie - This week we have noticed you being so hard and really focusing well on your work in all lessons. Charlie you have also shared some great responses in response to questions being asked in class.

Max - You have worked extremely hard this week and see you working very hard in class. You have been very focused on your learning and really working hard on your presentation. Great choices have been made during lesson times. Keep this up Max.



Stanley - for showing the virtue of enthusiasm this week in Maths. Stanley has loved working on shapes over the past two weeks, but especially this week as we have been studying 3D shapes. He is very knowledgeable and is keen to share this with his peers. He has listened so well on the carpet, put his hand up lots and worked so hard on learning language such as faces, vertices and edges. Well done Stan, keep up the hard work. 

Leo - for working so hard this week in his practise challenge papers. Leo is dedicated to showing off what he can do and we have both been wowed by the scores he has achieved in the past Maths and Reading SATS. Leo is managing himself in a much more grown up manner recently and we are very proud of him. 



Theo – for his responsibility and enthusiasm in his learning this week in the lead up to our challenges. Well done Theo! I’m very proud of you and your hard work.

Rosey – for her commitment to the practise challenges we’ve completed this week. Determined to finish even when she has been a few minutes late for lunch. Well done Rosey, we are very proud of your commitment and determination to do your best.



Megan - Confidence & Commitment

You have shown great commitment to your independent work and really grown in confidence. We have been very impressed by your enthusiasm during writing tasks and you are always so proud to share your work. Well done Megan!

Ella - Responsibility & Commitment

Ella has shown super commitment to improving the presentation of her work. Each time she produces a piece of work, it is clear to see that she has thought of ways to improve. We are very pleased with your efforts Ella, well done.