Learners of the Week ending 30th November


Jessica & Georgia - Both girls have been working so hard this week on their negative number work, challenging themselves with greater depth questions which were very difficult. They worked systematically, drawing on all their mathematical knowledge - excellent work. 

Morwenna & Daniela - for having such a positive approach to their learning, being resilient and having a go, well done! 



Leigh B - Leigh is a conscientious worker who takes great pride in the quality and presentation of her work in all areas of the curriculum. This week, she produced some lovely poetry based around Winter and tried to create some lovely imagery with the language she chose. We want to congratulate her on this and encourage her to keep up the hard work! 

Ryan B - Yesterday, Ryan tried very hard in both Maths and Literacy. He has also been working hard with his poetry and has also begun to take much more pride in his work. In Maths, Ryan is becoming much more independent and is now wanting to push himself in trying the challenges available to the class. Well done, Ryan! 


Special Mentions

Everyone in Miss Steele’s dance group - I am so proud of my dancers - especially this week. They have grown in confidence; many of them now choreographing their own pieces and all of them have been willing to give up their lunch times to practice in preparation for the performance in 2 weeks. Miss Steele wants to say a massive thank you!!! 



Lily - I have chosen Lily this week as it was very clear that she had to rally polish her virtue of courage.  She was chosen to represent our class at the gymnastics competition on Tuesday, something she was very keen to do at the time.  However, on reflection at home she realised what a daunting experience this may be, with none of her usual friends around her and no parents to support her.  A little wobble was had, but Lily worked really hard to overcome her fear and actually had a great time.  Well done Lily. 

Reuben F - I was really pleased with Reuben this week in his maths work.  The Penguin class have been learning how to subtract numbers using the partitioned column method.  This is a new method for all the children but one they have taken to with great enthusiasm.  I could see Reuben was a little confused to begin with but his perseverance paid off, and he work incredibly diligently to not only complete his task, but also to challenge his learning with the next step too.  It was lovely to see him grow in confidence this week.  Keep it up Reuben. 



Leo – For demonstrating perseverance this week with his focus and attention on the carpet. Leo has such superb ideas and is now remembering to always put his hand up and give his friends a chance to answer too. 

Kensa and Aiva – For showing the virtue of confidence this week with their Christmas play words. Both girls have learnt them off by heart straight away and say them in a very loud, clear voice. Keep it up girls! 



Grace is my learner of the week for her determination to improve her handwriting. She has managed to get it to a suitable size and is working hard on getting her letters in the right place. Well done Grace, keep up the hard work. 

Florence is my learner of the week for her determination in maths. All of a sudden Florence has started to believe anything is possible if she tries and it has shown in her confidence and success during maths lessons. Keep it up Florence, well done! 

Finlay is also my learner of the week for his consistent orderliness on the carpet and a super role model for his friends. Well done Finlay.