Learners of the Week ending 2nd November


James - for making a huge effort to improve his handwriting and the presentation of his work.  Keep it up James, well done.

Henry - for showing great determination and increased independence when carrying out tasks alone. Henry's confidence is building, and because of this he is able to work independently for greater periods of time. Well done Henry and keep it up.

Special Mentions

Jessica, Verity, Isabella, Georgia and Meah - all of these children asked to stay behind in their free time to continue with their maths work. This shows great determination and a positive attitude towards their studies - well done all of you.



Emma P - Emma has made writing a focus this term and has been working very hard on her handwriting. We want to commend her on her focus and showing great resilience. Well done, Emma- keep it up!

Rayann S - Rayaan is growing into a mature and well- rounded pupil. He is one of those children that always works hard and completes his work to the best of his ability. Rayaan is also now taking more responsibility for pushing himself, using resources around him independently to help with his own learning.



Ava - Ava is one of those children who I can always rely upon to be doing the right thing.  She is always listening and so very keen to share her ideas and thoughts with us all.  She really helps me out in those moments where others are a little more scared to have a go.  Her enthusiasm never seems to waver, no matter what the subject area might be. What a super learner.

Jacob - Jacob is a child who could be given a certificate every week, for following our school rules and for practicing the virtues in our lesson time.  He is always a diligent learner, trying his very best at all he asked to and with such enthusiasm.  It is also lovely to see his confidence beginning to shine through, especially with the adults.  A real super star.



Harry – For his determination this week with his focus and behaviour. Harry has a new space during carpet time and I am blown away with the change in him. He is so focused and determined to learn – keep up the hard work.

Lottie – For always being a super Dragonfly. She is diligent and sets a perfect example to her classmates.



Isobel K – for practising the virtue of confidence this week, particularly in maths. It has been pleasing to see Isobel grow in confidence in answering questions and for attempting some tricky mathematical concepts. Well done Isobel, keep it up!

Lilly – for her courage and joyfulness. Lilly is a pleasure to have in our class, she is always joyful, extremely helpful and incredibly kind. Lilly has had to practise her virtue of courage this week and I’m so impressed with her mature attitude. Well done Lilly.

Oliver K – for his commitment and determination. It has been amazing watching Oliver over the past few weeks engaging in his learning. He has worked extremely hard to do the best that he can do in all lessons. He has even been doing extra work at home and created an acrostic poem about our new topic. I’m so proud of you Oliver, keep up that hard work!



Josh - Josh put a great deal of effort when writing his recount of our visit to Helston library. He persevered with his writing and showed an increasing level of confidence when using resources to help with spellings. Well done!
Arthur - We are very pleased to see that Arthur is becoming a more confident writer. He has been segmenting words to help him spell them with greater independence and put in a lot of effort when writing his recount of our library visit. Great perseverance Arthur, well done!
Special mention
Michael - Michael has continued to show a super attitude to his learning: he has been very purposeful and is putting lots of effort into all he does. Thank you Michael.