Learners of the Week ending 29th March


Henry and Jessica - for producing wonderful poetry this week based around the concept of 'juxtaposition'. Henry, you understood the structure very well and Jessica, the language you used was incredibly powerful - well done.


Special Mentions

Rosie - You worked really well on our 'bus stop' method for division this week, well done. 

Annabelle - initially you found the 'bus stop' method quite challenging, however, with hard work and resilience you got there in the end - well done.



Joseph - Joseph is always so interested in learning, it is a pleasure to teach him. He is like a sponge, soaking up as much information and as many facts as he can. During my time with the class, Joseph has grown in confidence in every area, but I have been particularly impressed with the improvement he has made in maths. He is now more willing to challenge himself with tricky work and persevere, without feeling defeated if he finds it difficult or gets it wrong. This week, Joseph has been a great mentor, supporting other children in the class and coaching them successfully. 

Oliver M - Oliver gets on with his work quietly and without disruption. He never gets into arguments, is kind natured and likes to try his best with his work. I have been impressed with Oliver's determination to challenge himself this week, choosing tricky work to tackle and having a really good go at completing it. I would love Oliver to continue to grow in confidence and see the potential that everyone else knows that he has. 

Amber - Amber is a super member of the class. She is consistently working hard, always trying to push herself to achieve the most she can from each lesson. Amber's confidence and ability has gone from strength to strength this year as a result of her resilience and super effort. I am always impressed with Amber's participation in lessons and her willingness to share her thoughts and ideas, her contributions are highly valued. 

Elsie and Ella - These girls deserve to be POTW for the same reason. They always work hard and try their best. They sit next to each other in class and they work so well together, discussing problems and tackling their work with a quiet but fierce determination. These two girls are also so helpful and happy, they love to learn and it shines through. 



Charlie H - Charlie had developed a real maturity  towards his learning over the last few weeks. We have spotted him being more dedicated in his classroom work and more focused on his learning. This has also been spotted by other adults too, especially in swimming where he has shown a real improvement in his focus and concentration. Great progress Charlie, keep up the good work.

Summer - Summer had really impressed us this week with her focus and effort in her learning. She doesn't always find the learning easy, but she also never gives up and tries her hardest in all that is asked of her. This was particularly evident this week in her writing and fractions work. Well done Summer, keep it up. 



Aiva and Emelia - for polishing their virtue of determination. Both girls have wowed all of the adults in The Dragonflies' this week with their amazing story writing. We have been innovating a story called Daisy Saves the Day. Aiva and Emelia have made such huge improvement with their handwriting and spellings. I am so proud of what they have achieved. This is their best writing to date. 

Special mention 

Lewis - for having a really good week. Lewis is trying a lot harder with his focus and attention. We have all noticed a big improvement this week. Keep it up Lewis. 



Megan – for practising the virtue of determination. She is always looking for ways to improve all aspects of her learning, she’s determined to succeed and is absolutely delighted when her hard work pays off. Well done Megan.

Ella – for practising the virtue of respect to everyone and everything. Ella is a super role model to all her friends. She is extremely polite, respectful and kind. Thank you Ella.