Learners of the Week ending 28th September



Rosie & Lidia - Huge congratulations go to both girls for similar reasons. Both of you are quiet members of the class, however, by looking through your work and through class discussions I am seeing that you have huge amounts to offer. Keep up the good work and push yourselves to raise your hands, you have so much you can teach us all. 

Special Mention 

Henry - for starting the year with sure a positive, can do attitude. Congratulations! 

Ruby - for swimming with our class for the first time in a long time. Well done and good luck for next week! 



Oliver W, Lilia & Jacob - All 3 of these children have been nominated by other adults around the school as it has been noticed that they are always polite, courteous and respectful of their peers and the adults in the school. In class, these children show resourcefulness, resilience in their work and are the sort of the children that make it a pleasure to teach. We want to acknowledge them and say thank you to them. Well done! 



Liam - for showing the virtue of confidence this week in Maths. Liam is very quiet and does not often have the confidence to show off what he knows. This week in Maths, we have been working on place value of numbers, partitioning and also comparing numbers. Liam has been amazing on the carpet, putting his hand up to answer questions and coming up to volunteer on the whiteboard. I am so proud of this confident mathematician we have seen this week. Keep it up Liam.  

Corey M - for showing the virtue of wisdom in Maths. Corey is another quiet young man who can sometimes look like he is not listening and taking it in, but Corey has proved this week to be a total Maths whizz! 

Corey is so happy and confident when we are doing Maths and it is so nice to see him animated and answering questions, as well as challenging himself. He has got a great grasp on place value of numbers and is really applying what he already knows to Year 2 Maths.  

Summer - for showing the virtues of joyfulness and care. This week, Summer has really shown her personality and it has been a pleasure getting to know her more. She is very funny, cheeky and has a great sense of humour. Summer has made Mrs Eddy and Miss Richards laugh a lot this week and it has been a joy spending time with her. Thank you for brightening up our classroom. 



Ollie P and Evie are both our learners of the week for sharing the virtue of diligence. I have been so impressed with their attitude to learning since the beginning of Year 2. They are both hard working and have shown their determination to do the best that they can do. Keep it up, we are so proud of you! 



Matthew and Ava - All day, every day Matthew and Ava strive to produce their best efforts. Whatever task is set before them (including setting examples of wonderful behviour on the carpet), they carefully listen to the instructions and then commit themselves wholeheartedly. Whether an adult is close by or working independently, Ava and Matthew will always take care to create work they are proud of. Well done, both of you!