Learners of the Week ending 27th September

27th September 2019


Jasmine - she is a joy to have in the class. Always working to the best of her ability, always sharing her thoughts and ideas with the rest of the class.  On top of a fantastic work ethic, she is a thoughtful and caring member of the class who always offers to help others and is a good friend to all. 

Olly LW - You are an absolute star Olly!  You work so hard, you want to make progress, you are curious about the world around you which is so lovely to see. Like Jasmine, you also share your thoughts and ideas with the class which is excellent. You are a wonderful role model for the other children in our class and school.  Well done.

Special Mentions

Alyssa - for always working hard and trying your best. Try to be brave, share your thoughts and ideas, we'd love to hear more from you. 

Archie - well done for starting year 5 with a positive attitude.  You are working hard, and trying your best which is excellent to see.  Keep it up.

Olly C - for making so much effort with your written work.  You have been showing much more resilience and determination - well done



Florence - Florence has settled into Year 3 extremely well.  She always listens carefully and applies herself to the tasks set.  She is a very positive member of the class and always has a lovely smile on her face.  Well done Florence! 
Aaron - Aaron has recently joined the Wise Owls class from South Africa.  We have been impressed with the way he has made new friends.  He has shown confidence and enthusiam, and demonstrated excellent reasoning skills in maths.  It is lovely to have you in our class Aaron!  
Layla - Layla is very conscientious and has impressed us with her ability to get on with tasks in a sensible and diligent way.  She listens to advice and always applies this to her learning.  Keep up the good work Layla!
Special Mentions 
Saffron and Isaac -  for being so brave with their bee stings.
Toby -  for demonstrating excellent listening skills and really challenging your learning this week.



Poppy - is my Learner of the Week for always sowing the virtue of respect. She can be relied on at all times to follow instructions given by adults, she is incredibly polite and a joy to have in our class.

Matilda - is my Learner of the Week for showing orderliness. She always sits smartly on the carpet, she lines up quietly and the presentation of her work is amazing with such beautiful handwriting. Well done Matilda, keep it up.

Elijah - is my Learner of the Week for showing determination. We have seen over the week how hard Elijah has worked on all aspects of school life. Keep it up Elijah, well done.



Aiva - has been a super star this week showing virtues of collaboration and encouragement. Aiva has been trying really hard in her learning this week, but has also been praising and supporting those around her. She sets a really good example to her peers and tries her best, whilst encouraging others to do the same. She has produced some lovely writing at the beginning of the week and shown these skills in her phonics later in the week too. Keep it up!

Lilly - has been chosen for her kindness and enthusiasm. Lilly has been a wonderful friend this week, noticing when her peers are feeling sad and independently trying to cheer them up. She always has a smile on her face and tries her hardest. She has been really proud of her efforts with reading – and we agree with you! Well done Lilly.