Learners of the Week ending 26th April

Sorry, no Y3-6 photo this week, Mr Haslam was helping to sort recycling during assembly.



Olivia - For super maths work. You always work to the highest standard, making clear jottings and are accurate at all times. Well done.

Aaron - For being so focussed on your maths this week. You have clearly worked very hard at your maths, you have also been listening so attentively in class time. Excellent work. 

Special Mention

Ruby - For wonderful maths work - well done, we're very proud of you.



Caelan - Caelan has been working really hard in maths this week showing a greater understanding of converting measurements and displaying his reasoning skills. During an investigation yesterday Caelan was able to provide some fantastic conclusions from the results showing he was really thinking about his work purposefully. He has been showing diligence and ordlerliness throughout. Well done!

Rayann – Rayann is a fantastic member of the class. I am always impressed with his confidence, enthusiasm and perseverance when attempting different challenges within the class. He is always keen to help and one of the first to answer questions and share his understanding with others. Keep it up!



Olivia : Olivia was chosen this week for her sheer determination and perseverance. We have had our first try at chunking for division and Olivia found this really tricky. She had a really good try by herself, and then with some guidance kept on trying until she eventually succeeded independently. It was great to see someone taking on a new challenge with such enthusiasm.

William : This week we all had our first try at playing the flute and clarinet. Some children were much quicker at achieving a sound than others. William was one of many who did struggle to produce a sound but I noticed that he did not give up. He spent his lesson practising and practising and following the instructions given to help him. I'm sure with this determination he will get it next time.



Zachary J - coming back after the Easter holidays with a positive attitude towards his learning and really trying hard to focus straight away on the task that has been required. Mrs Goldsworthy has also been impressed with his conversation that he has had with her whilst problem solving in maths. Zachary has also done a great job gardening this week at the start of our plants topic. Keep this enthusiasm up.

Chloe - has been working extremely hard with her spellings this week and been keen to improve herself in this area. she is taking on advice from adults with regards to this area.  Chloe has shown some beautiful presentation this week with her writing and displaying how well she can join her handwriting. Chloe is also always a hard working and polite member of the class.



Lily and Stephanie - both for showing their dedication over the Easter holidays towards their school work. We set the children some homework linked with telling the time and both girls have obviously worked very hard on this. Their confidence with time is shining through in every lesson and they are becoming more secure with telling the time to 5 minute intervals. 

Summer - for her resilience over the past few weeks. Summer had a chunk of time off school due to having her tonsils out and she missed quite a bit of learning. She returned to school and has had a positive, "I can" attitude and has not let anything phase her. She is enjoying being in Miss Richards' Maths group just to get her back up to speed. Well done Summer for working so hard. 



Lilly – for showing kindness at all times, she is so kind to everyone, an excellent friend to have. I even heard another adult comment on her kindness. Thank you Lilly.



Elijah - Commitment

Well done Elijah, you have been working with great commitment this week and we have been very impressed by perseverance, trying hard to complete the tasks independently.

Josh - Resilience

Josh has shown great resilience this week. We have joined in with all of the activities and is still so happy and smiley, despite hurting his arm. Well done Josh!