Learners of the Week ending 25th January


Rosie & Megan - for being such kind, helpful and positive members of the class. They lead a wonderful example of how to behave, we're very proud of you both.

Special Mentions 

Hazel for persevering with some challenging maths work.

Tezmay for being so enthusiastic with her presentation homework, well done.



Benjamin - Benjamin has been trying really hard this week in both his Maths and his English. His writing is showing great promise and his understanding in Maths this week has proven just how much hard work he is putting in to his learning. Both Miss Steele and Mrs Cotterill have been please this week to see how Benjamin has focussed on being the best version of himself every day and want him to continue doing this- well done!

Ella - Ella has continued to work hard this week and show many of the virtues that this school promote. She is a credit to the class and always does her best. She works well not just independently but in partnerships and in larger groups. Mrs Cotteril and Miss Steele would like to acknowledge Ella’s continued effort to be a great role model for the school.

Special Mention

William K-R - It has been noted by many members of staff this week that William has also been working on his virtues- particularly at lunchtimes when he has been seen to show generosity and kindness towards other children. Well done, William- keep it up!



Corey R - for showing the virtues of confidence and determination this week in his Maths. Corey has found a flair for multiplication and I am so impressed by his work ethic and his confidence to share his ideas in lessons. He has really enjoyed learning about arrays and finding the commutativity of multiplication sentences. Keep up the hard work Corey.  

Lily - for always showing the virtue of diligence. This week I have noticed, more so than ever, that every time I give Lily feedback or something new to work on, she takes it on board and really tries her hardest to show it in her work. I am so impressed with her handwriting over recent weeks, she is really trying to show me those joins and is presenting her writing in a superb, grown-up manner. Keep it up Lily!

Corey M - for showing the virtues of focus and attention this week. He has been listening very carefully on the carpet, trying his best to give eye contact and his hand has been going up more and more. I am very pleased with the amount of times that Corey has answered tricky questions this week, it really tells me that he is listening. 



Isobel P - for her confidence, diligence and enthusiasm in Maths this week.She has been independently solving some tricky multiplication problems. Well done Isobel, keep it up!

Thomas - for his helpfulness. I am so lucky to have Thomas in my class whenever I need someone's help he is there, if I drop something Thomas has already picked it up before I've even noticed! Not only is he helpful to me, he is also extremely kind and helpful to others in our class. We are all very grateful for you Thomas, thank you.

Eloise - for her diligence. Eloise is going from strength to strength in every area of learning. In maths she quite often goes for the challenging three stars. During Literacy lessons she is really focusing on her spellings which have improved so much and her handwriting is getting neater. She always tries her hardest in everything she does. Keep it up Eloise, we're so proud of you. 




Josh - Commitment & Consideration- Every adult that spends time in our space notices Josh. He is always ready to learn and willing to have a go. Josh is very considerate to others, his great behaviour has a very positive impact on those around him. Fantastic effort Josh, well done! 

Imogen - Determination & Modesty- Imogen is a great role-model to her friends. She is always ready to learn and puts in a great effort in order to do her best. She works quietly, with super determination and produces work she can be really proud of. Thank you Imogen and well done.