Learners of the Week ending 24th May


Georgia - wow, what a week it's been for you Georgia so many sporting achievements! In school Georgia has received her medal for cross country and for her part in the football team. And out of school she has been awarded her black belt in Judo this week. It is a joy to see Georgia grow in confidence both on her sporting ability and in the classroom where she also excels. 

Kerensa - Well done for a wonderful week of maths Kerensa. Fractions, particularly equivalent fractions can be quite difficult, but you have worked so hard and focused during lessons that you have made great progress. Keep up the good work, well done. 

Special Mentions

Beth - for excellent effort and commitment to the cross country meets this season. Also for being a crucial member of the football team, even though you couldn't play in the final, you are every part a winner of that trophy.

Olivia and Meah - for your grit and determination in the football final this week resulting in a win, well done girls.

Annabelle - Annabelle is a valued member of the football team who, unfortunately, has a gymnastics injury at the moment meaning that she couldn't take park in the final. Big congratulations in helping the team to reach the final, well done.


Jen - Jen is an absolute pleasure to have in the class. Her enthusiasm for learning is endless, and I love her curiosity for information. Jen is never afraid to offer her thoughts and ideas, and if given feedback she works tirelessly to correct herself. She even offered to give up her own time to purple polish her work. Jen always puts 100% into everything asked of her and this shows in her progress this year. Well done Jen, a real superstar.

Faye - I have really noticed what a team player Faye is. She is always there to help others if needed,  listening to their ideas and taking them on board. This was particularly evident when climbing at BF as she took great care in her supporting role to other climbers. Likewise when working with others to plant her seeds or create her greenhouse in DT, she took an active role in the group without taking over. Well done Faye, keep up the good work.



Livy and Zara - Always working hard and never making a fuss in any lessons. Both these girls have super listening skills  and always try their best. You are such hard workers girls!

Special Mention

Deacon - You have really turned around the quality of you handwriting this week. It is a huge improvement. Keep this up.