Learners of the Week ending 23rd November



Aston: Aston has been working hard in Maths this week and has been contributing to classroom discussions with more confidence. We want to congratulate him for doing this and having the courage to now ask for help when he feels he needs it. Well done, Aston!

Austin: Austin is another child who has been working very hard in maths this week- he has shown great skill in rounding and adding complex 2 digit and 3 digit numbers together and has clearly enjoyed the challenges put to him. We want to encourage this love of maths and say 'well done' for working so hard! Keep it up!

Special Mentions

Elsie, Caelan, Lottie and Stanley

We are so impressed with the effort these four children have put into their writing. They have worked so hard on their handwriting and have also tried to include many elements from their steps to success. Well done!



Jenson - Mrs Clargo chose Jenson this week for his super independence and resilience making our wooden Christmas reindeer this week.  We went into the woodland areas and gave all the children the materials they needed to complete the reindeer challenge.  Jenson was one of only a few children who just got on with it himself, and when things didn't go to plan he was able to solve his own problems.  A real positive 'can do' attitude.  Well done Jenson

Charlie Ha - Mrs Clargo was very pleased with Charlie this week as he was much better at following the whole class instructions to make his penguin and worked really hard to keep up with everyone.  He really focused on his own task and made super progress by being so diligent in his work.  Well done Charlie



Stanley - for having such a great week this week. Stanley was a special mention last week and has been determined this week to keep up his positivity. He is behaving in a completely different way within the classroom and other adults are noticing how mature and sensible he is being. I am so proud of Stan for his determination and the way he is always trying hard to make the right choice. Thank you Stan for taking our feedback on board and for having another great week.

Tori - for her virtue of perseverance with some Maths over the last two weeks. Tori found expanded partitioning really tricky last week but has shown great determination and perseverance to crack it! She has not given up, listened so well and is now absolutely smashing it when adding two 2 digit numbers, even when they bridge over 10. Well done Tori, your hard work has paid off.

Emily H - for always being so smiley and joyful. Emily is a very enthusiastic member of the class and is always smiling. It makes such a difference to our day to have someone in the class like Emily, who can always be relied upon to cheer you up. Thank you Emily!



Layla and Thomas are my learners of the week for showing the virtu of excellence. Weeek on week both of them have always made their work the best it can be. Everything I ask them to do to improve their work, they do. Their handwriting is beautiful, they challenge themselves and they are excellent role models for their friends.

Sienna is also my learner of the week for her consistent joyfulness. Every day she comes into school with a smile and that smile stays all day. She approaches every task with enthusiasm, even when it is  hard. Keep it up Sienna, well done!

Emilia is also learner of the week for her determination. Emilia has been trying so much over the past few week to do the best that she can do. It has shown in her work, both in Maths and Literacy and it is lovely to see the progress she is making. Well done Emilia, keep it up!