Learners of the Week ending 22nd November

22nd November 2019

Probably the last Learner of the Week post in the current format, they have not attracted a lot of views on the website so we will be reviewing and reassessing how we communicate this information to parents.



Ethan - Just a total star, in all areas, in all lessons regardless of the teacher or subject he always works to the best of his ability. You set the bar very high for everyone else Ethan, well done. 

Phoebe - We've been very impressed with your maths work this week Phoebe.  You have had your head down and been really focused - excellent work. 

Special Mentions 

Tyler - You've had a great week Tyler.  You have applied yourself well during lessons and spoken politely to adults to make them aware that you needed a brain break - excellent work, well done. 



Isobel P: Wow Isobel you have really worked hard this week in all areas but we have noticed a big improvement in having a positive mental attitude towards your learning. It was a delight un seeing you achieve so well with your number bonds to 10. We have also been very proud of you in trying so hard in writing in full sentences and displaying neatly presented work. Keep this up and it was an absolute delight to see your beam with pride when you cracked your maths grid. You can do it! 

Megan: Megan always works exceptionally hard in class but this week we have seen her go above and beyond in being extremely caring to children and adults. Whilst the class have been sowing and making poms poms this week Megan took it upon herself to help other children who were finding it tricky and then she decided that Mrs G could be helped by helping with the resources for others. This week has demonstrated how incredibly caring and hard working Megan is. We also enjoy Megan always participating in lessons and popping her hand up to patiently answer a question. She is always willing to have a go. 



Zander for showing indepndence in maths. Zander has worked really hard this week with learning about 2 digit subtraction and wow-ed Mrs Williamson on Wednesday with his independence and explaining the task to other children. He worked brilliantly on his own and was able to complete the 2 star challenge accurately without any support. A fantastic achievement and we hope to see it continue! 

Aiden for showing determination in his writing. Aiden has worked hard with his target to join his handwriting and to focus to get his work complete in the given time. He has made an increased effort to concentrate and has recently been completing his work within the given time frames. Well done Aiden. 



Lily – for practising her confidence this week in maths nad in speaking clearly in front of people during our rehearsals. Well done Lily. 

Michael – for his commitment to his learning this week. I’ve really noticed how hard he has been trying in literacy & maths, keep it up! 

Eurwyn – for his diligence. Eurwyn always works hard, he tries his best in every thing he does and is really thinking how he can improve in his work. Well done Eurwyn, keep it up!